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Building an engaging and intuitive omnichannel experience

The retail industry is experiencing a pivotal moment, with new trends beginning to shape the future. Deciphering consumer behaviour, placing a premium on privacy rights and ensuring a seamless experience for customers – all while addressing constant disruptions in global supply chains – has led to heightened expectations from customers and employees alike, and increased business needs.

A solid foundation of technology for retail operations

The need for businesses to develop a cost-effective and sustainable strategy has never been more crucial than today. In a world challenged by an uncertain economic future and ongoing supply constraints, the retail industry is being challenged to reduce costs, improve the lifetime value of customers and provide gains across every aspect of its environmental, social and governance initiatives.

As a leading Microsoft partner in the UK and a full Solutions Partner for Microsoft Cloud, Advania can answer these business-critical challenges. From unlocking the possibilities of artificial intelligence to embracing automation and integration, our extensive expertise allows us to enhance retails organisations’ operations, their efficiency and their customer experience – ultimately shaping their sustainability and long-term value.


Solving retail industry challenges with cutting-edge technology

Harness the power of AI

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) allows innovation not just in the back- office systems. Empowering frontline workers with digital tools and AI assistants increases their contribution to the success of the business and ensuring their happiness.

Embrace digital transformation with cloud and Azure

From migrating to cloud platforms like Azure for scalability and cost-efficiency, to supporting broader digital transformation initiatives, Advania can assist retailers in leveraging modern technologies for growth.

Process automation for greater efficiency and productivity

Through automation services, Advania can help retailers improve efficiency and reduce manual errors in processes like order fulfilment, customer service and more.

Integration solutions for seamless experiences

Integration of various systems (like e-commerce platform with physical stores' POS or inventory system) can offer seamless shopping experiences to customers while providing valuable insights to the retailer.

IT infrastructure and data centres for exemplary data performance

By setting up robust IT infrastructure and data centres, Advania ensures optimal performance of the retailer's digital platforms and secures their data.

Business systems that are fit for modern business needs

Advania provides business system solutions that can streamline various aspects of retail operations, from inventory management to point-of-sale systems.

Contact centres for retaining and improving customer loyalty

Advania's contact centre solutions enable efficient omnichannel customer communication which is key for improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Focus on your priorities by relying on IT outsourcing

By managing and maintaining IT infrastructure, Advania allows retailers to focus on their core business.

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