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The service world has seen a vast change in expectations and requirements from its clients in recent years. As the industry evolves to meet changing consumer needs and benefit from the ever-increasing potential offered by modern technology, leisure and hospitality organisations are coming to grips with new challenges and transformative business solutions. Advania can answer your challenges with the use of modern technology.

Driving sustainable growth through exceptional experience

Leisure and hospitality businesses face a number of complex and expensive challenges, including ensuring personalised client experiences while managing sensitive data and complying with privacy regulations, integrating mobile-friendly platforms, Internet of Things (IoT) devices and dynamic pricing models, and keeping up with cyber security measures.

No matter the challenges that you face, Advania can identify the best technology solutions for your needs and budgets. Whether it’s implementing customer relationship management systems, building mobile apps or deploying data analytics tools, we can support you to personalise your offerings and optimise your price vs performance strategies. By embracing technological advancements and upgrading legacy systems, leisure and hospitality businesses can thrive in an increasingly digital marketplace, continuing to offer best-in-class services while achieving long-term sustainability and success with the class-leading solutions.

Leisure & Hospitality

Solving leisure and hospitality challenges with cutting-edge technology

Automation and custom apps for operational efficiency

Leisure and hospitality services often face operational challenges, such as inventory management, scheduling and resource allocation. Microsoft Power Platform enables business to build custom applications and automate workflows tailored to their specific operations needs, optimising efficiency and reducing reliance on manual tasks.

Confidently build your reputation with Microsoft technology

Monitoring client feedback and online reputation are critical for maintaining customer satisfaction and attracting new clientele. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice allows businesses to collect and analyse customer feedback in real-time, enabling you to address issues promptly and continuously enhance your reputation.

Communication is key

Communication and productivity among staff members are essential for delivering exceptional service, but traditional communication methods may not be efficient or practical. Microsoft Teams provides a unified platform for staff communication, task management and collaboration, improving productivity and coordination across your entire organisation.

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