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Impellam: flexible and reliable IT with Microsoft Azure

Global talent acquisition and managed workforce solutions provider, Impellam Group, delivers managed services and specialist stagging to clients across the world. Find out how we helped them connect and be more productive.

Transforming IT to connect a global user base

Impellam provides services ranging from tech-led HR solutions to a global managed service that combines vendor management strategies, contingent workforce solutions, payroll systems, and much more. The company wanted to pursue a new technology strategy with Microsoft tech and modern, flexible and reliable IT infrastructure to support a geographically dispersed workforce.


Managed Services
Professional Services
Cloud Migration


Legal and Professional Services

Organisation size

2,500 employees

Completion Date

June 2021


Relying on a mixture of on-premises and hosted IT solutions to run business-critical apps, Impellam faced a number of challenges in a rapidly changing business and technological landscape, including end-of-support for Windows and capacity constraints.

Ageing IT infrastructure meant the business was unable to provide the most efficient technologies for its people to carry out their day-to-day tasks. It was also facing escalating time and cost investments to maintain and upgrade legacy infrastructure.

Against a backdrop of evolving cyber threat tactics, the business needed to ensure that its approach to cyber security, including guarding its assets and client data, was as diligent as possible.

With business apps, devices and IT capabilities advancing rapidly, Impellam identified the need to invest in newer technologies to continue to meet the needs of its users and clients.


Holding a Microsoft Solutions Partner designation for Azure Infrastructure, including a specialisation in Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), Advania was ideally placed to deliver a tailored solution to the business in Azure, providing depth of expertise and best practice, repeatable methodologies.

Our teams identified three main workflows to achieve the desired outcome by the business:

  1. A tools-based assessment of Impellam’s existing infrastructure
  2. Initial migration of virtual machines to Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)
  3. Design and deployment of an AVD and Citrix Virtual Application and Desktop Service environment.


We established our proprietary Azure Landing Zone for the project. This secure and compliant design enabled Impellam to quickly pivot to Azure and leverage its scalable capacity and high availability, and offered hybrid operations with remaining on-premise assets.

The Landing Zone was a key to delivering a secure and compliant foundation for Azure adoption, providing assurance over a scalable and future-proofed environment. We collaborated and designed the Landing Zone with Impellam’s team in a matter of weeks. It was then deployed using Infrastructure-as-Code via Azure DevOps pipelines. 

As began executing the datacentre migration process, the Impellam team was then in a position to adopt Azure Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) services for SQL, utilising Azure SQL Managed Instance. For our final step, we established Impellam’s AVD infrastructure to provide a Citrix Virtual Application and Desktop Service environment to deliver line of business applications to an initial wave of 2,500 users.


  • Delivered on its ambition of having a single, secure, centrally managed but hybrid IT system, with an IT team that can operate independently in-house and scale based on business demand.
  • Use of AVD reduced the dependency on legacy datacentre infrastructure, and addressed technical debt.
  • Moved more resources to a pay-as-you-consume model with Azure which allowed the business to flexibly manage cost.
  • The datacentre migration deadline was achieved avoiding costly contract renewals and offering extended support for legacy operating systems.
  • Refactored existing SQL services using Azure SQL Managed Instance (PaaS) in the Landing Zone to improve availability, performance and scalability of SQL databases. The business is leveraging the advanced native security of Azure, and the benefit of over 90+ compliance certifications.
  • Financing was secured from Microsoft to fund 50% of the migration project, reducing capital investment.

Products and Services

  • Azure Landing Zone
  • Microsoft AVD environment providing a Citrix Virtual Application and Desktop Service
  • Cloud migration
  • Microsoft AMMP funding and FastTrack expertise

"We really appreciate the effort put in by the delivery team to own and resolve the challenges of the programme. The collaboration between the team, Impellam and Microsoft’s FastTrack Team also proved integral to the successful outcome."

Mark Dooley

Senior IT Director - IT and Technology Infrastructure

Impellam Group

Our Impact

Take a look at some of the results that stood out for Impellam.


virtual machines migrated to Microsoft Azure

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of migration project funding secured from Microsoft


users reached in initial deployment

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