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Microsoft 365 AI and Automation

Make the extraordinary ordinary

With the recent explosion of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation solutions, organisations can now leverage the power and creative opportunities of tools that were unimaginable just a few years ago. Advania’s experience with Microsoft AI and automation technologies can accelerate your digital transformation by moving from a legacy approach to one which embraces the richness and constantly evolving capabilities of modern technology.


Microsoft 365 AI and automation for every user

Your people want to work with the best tools available to them. No longer restricted to specialist or expensive, niche industries, advanced AI and automation tools are now ready to be put into the hands of every member of your workforce. At Advania, we work with organisations to help them leverage Microsoft technology including Azure OpenAI, Copilot, Power Automate, and Syntex and the wider SharePoint Premium suite. By placing the power and potential of AI for every user into your hands, we help your organisation reach its automation goals – securely, efficiently and intelligently.


How automation and AI change your working world

From AI-based document automation to complex system integrations, we help you understand the feasibility of Microsoft 365 AI and automation and work to build a business case. With our Private ChatGPT service, you take control of a solution equal to the power of the public GPT offerings but with industry-grade security features built-in. With SharePoint Premium, your content is partnered with the world’s largest, most popular content management system – now with enhanced AI, automation and next-generation Syntex capabilities. The most successful organisations find opportunities in every challenge and evolution in every process. Discover what AI and automation can do for you.

how Azure data services can help you
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Critical business processes can be automated, meaning your people only have to deal with the most crucial and exceptional cases.

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Solve problems across HR, marketing, sales and customer services more quickly and easily with transformative technology.

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Keep costs clear and predictable with pay-as-you-go pricing, with your IT costs all within the secure and compliant umbrella of the Microsoft cloud.

Navigating Microsoft Copilot to gain maximum AI advantage

The most pressing business challenges need the most innovative solutions. Microsoft Copilot is a groundbreaking, AI-powered assistant which intelligently automates many of your daily tasks. Combining the power of large language models (LLMs) and your own Microsoft data, you can turn your words into the most powerful productivity tool on the planet.

Microsoft Copilot: your revolutionary AI companion

Copilot responds to human language requests. These ‘prompts’ can range from the very simple, such as prompting Microsoft Copilot for Word to ‘write a paragraph on Microsoft technology’, to something much more complex, such as prompting Copilot in Outlook to produce an email incorporating specific Excel data and providing a detailed executive summary of the information the spreadsheet contains. Here are three examples of what Copilot can do for you:

Automate customer service responses

Copilot efficiently handles standard customer inquiries by delivering prompt answers to frequently asked questions, reducing wait times and improving customer experience. Copilot can also identify and triage more complex customer concerns and notify a human operator – offering a middle ground between optimal operational efficiency and positive customer engagement.

Draft and edit documents

Whether prompted to create unique content or called upon to repurpose a document to fit a particular style and outcome, Copilot assists in creating professional business documents across your organisation. Boosting productivity and efficiency, Copilot offers a route to improved business communications by partnering with you to create attractive documents that are designed specifically for their target audience.

Data analytics and insights

Copilot can help businesses to better comprehend customer behaviour, market dynamics and operational effectiveness through analysing intricate datasets, with this data-driven focus leading to more informed decision-making.

How Microsoft Copilot adapts to your needs

Combining the power of AI and LLMs with Microsoft applications such as Word, Outlook and Excel, and by utilising your existing data in Microsoft Graph, Copilot is able to internalise, understand and respond to your prompts. By existing on top of your organisation’s own data and learning from your interactions, the results that Copilot produces will be personal to you and to your people.

Transform your Microsoft Copilot experience with our Extensibility FastStart

The possibilities open to you with Copilot are virtually endless. Combining our expertise in Microsoft AI with our experience developing Microsoft Copilot plugins and integrations, you can scale new heights of innovation and productivity. Our FastStart engagement provides you with clearly-defined outputs to set your Copilot journey on the right track.

Why extend Microsoft 365 Copilot with Advania?

As part of an elite group of global organisations who worked with Microsoft during its Early Access Program, we’ve been involved with Copilot from the very start. With custom tools that have been specifically developed to supplement Microsoft Purview to identify Copilot risk and with a full range of Copilot for Microsoft 365 services, you can trust that you are in the best hands possible to leverage the most from your investment. And we’re one of just 20 organisations across the world designated as a ‘Preferred’ Microsoft Content AI Partner, giving us early access to new features and roadmap information, meaning you’ll always be one step ahead of the competition.

The power of Private ChatGPT

Advania’s Private ChatGPT empowers users with the same revolutionary breakthrough in human-AI interaction offered by public ChatGPT tools. What makes our solution stand apart from the rest is its security-by-design implementation, keeping your data and users protected without compromising on innovation or capability.

Innovate and unlock greater value with Private ChatGPT

Private ChatGPT provides a foundation from which you can integrate your data, automate processes with GPT and provide AI capabilities to other apps and services. With support from our experts in Microsoft 365 AI and automation, you’ll be able to unlock even greater value for your organisation.

Familiar solution with your branding

Private ChatGPT may be our service, but it’s your solution. That’s why we can customise it to match your own branding, making your people feel at home when they use it.

Extended AI capabilities with your data

You can extend the base platform that we provide to include your own data and information, without the restrictions that are put in place by public AI tools.

AI integration with you in mind

Our Private ChatGPT has been designed with multiple front-end options and the ability to work with complex environments. The tools are at your disposal to engage with AI however you choose.

Intelligent document automation with Microsoft Syntex – now part of SharePoint Premium

The world runs on documents – contracts, service agreements, risk assessments, loan applications, safety reports, board packs, CVs, invoices, purchase orders – the list goes on and on. Syntex, now part of SharePoint Premium, allows you to automate document-related processes like never before, saving significant time and resources. The business case for this sometimes-overlooked area of Microsoft AI capability is compelling – here’s why.

The industry-leading document automation offered by Syntex has evolved and extended, now available as part of SharePoint Premium

With new content experiences and solutions, such as the Business Documents app, Document Portal and the Enhanced File View, SharePoint Premium helps you enhance, manage and extend your content with AI powered workflows. Additionally, SharePoint Premium enables content governance, such as data access governance, content event insights and AI-driven policy recommendations.

Turn your content into knowledge with Syntex in SharePoint Premium

Syntex is Microsoft’s AI-powered document understanding capability, providing the ability to turn content into knowledge and streamline document-related processes. Syntex can create documents as part of an automated process, or recognise, understand and classify existing ones. It also provides broader content automation services, such as document processing, eSignature, translation and image processing. We have helped Microsoft bring these key aspects of its Content AI services to market for many years, making us an experienced and reliable partner you can trust.

Automate and integrate with Power Automate

Long-term sustainability and success rely on streamlining your operations and bringing multiple complex systems together. Whether it’s a process to support interactions with clients, suppliers and partners, or a process within an internal function, Power Automate and its more than 400 connectors can provide the integration glue. Offering seamless workflow automation and empowering users to streamline tasks across various apps and services without the need for extensive coding, Power Automate unlocks efficiency for every user.
Microsoft 365 and AI expertise

Accelerated AI integration without expensive development

For many years, AI remained a solution available only to data scientists, complex machine learning algorithms and well-funded, niche projects. Today it’s within reach of everyone and available in the cloud platforms that you are already familiar with. At Advania, the expertise that has generated us global recognition allows us to build intelligent services into our apps and solutions. You can take advantage of our knowledge and experience in Azure OpenAI, Azure Cognitive Services, AI Builder, SharePoint Premium and more to take advantage of:
  • Image recognition and tagging
  • Language translation
  • Speech transcription
  • Document summarisation
  • Key phrase extraction
  • Anomaly detection
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Automated data governance

With simple implementation and cost-effective operation guided by our team, you can leverage the power of AI today. The goal of automation and AI technology is no longer a future ambition.

An award-winning trusted Microsoft partner

In the UK, Advania is recognised as a full Solutions Partner for Microsoft Cloud and an Azure Expert Managed Services Provider, ranking us among the global elite of Microsoft partners.

For your business, your people make the difference. For us, it’s no different – our success is your success. With Advania, you can trust you are gaining the best support and expert advice.

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Discover how Microsoft 365 AI and automation can make the difference for you

Streamlining and promoting efficiency and productivity are the key foundations to long-term success. Microsoft AI and automation solutions bring the power of cutting-edge technology to every organisation and every user. Our experts are waiting to hear how we can help you, today.