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Cloud Migration


Cloud migration with Microsoft Azure

Cloud migration services provide you with the opportunity to optimise your IT estate and transform the way your processes and people work.


Optimise your IT estate by migrating to the cloud

Cloud migration, when done right, presents a myriad of benefits in a digitally transformed world. At Advania, we’ll work with you to assess your current situation, your business-critical priorities, your cloud adoption motivations and desired outcomes, and their alignment to your core business objectives to make sure your cloud migration project runs seamlessly.

Microsoft Azure Cloud migration services features

How can we help you on your cloud journey?

The uncertainty of today’s business landscape can also bring about opportunity for positive change – and optimising your IT estate could be the key to transforming your processes and how your people work. Moving operations, apps and data to the cloud can help your organisation navigate the uncertainties of internal and external factors and manage the impact they have on your business.

how Cloud migration services can help you
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End-to-end or standalone cloud migration services

From conception to completion, Advania experts will guide you through your cloud migration. Whether you need a cloud migration assessment, a migration strategy, a migration plan, or the migration itself as a standalone service, choose the combination of solutions to suit your business.

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Speed deployment and processes

Cloud migration services assess your on-premises resources' readiness to migrate and right-size for optimal performance and cost. They create a plan with a phased approach, where all connected resources migrate together or in waves for ideal performance, with all progress able to be monitored on a ‘single pane of glass’.

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Modernise your workloads

Migrating to the cloud can help you optimise the performance and scalability of your applications. Moving services such Azure App Service, Azure SQL or Azure Virtual desktop into platform as a service (PaaS) can reduce complexity and modernise your application delivery.

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We can assess and plan your cloud migration

Microsoft Azure Cloud migration services

Whether you are planning a large-scale transformation of your IT estate, or you have already adopted a cloud-centric way of working and are looking to switch your cloud operations model, we can help.

No matter what stage of the cloud journey you’re on, we can help make your cloud migration as painless as possible. Complete your journey with our Azure cloud expertise to keep your business innovative, current and competitive.

Position your organisation for seamless cloud migration

Making your first move to the cloud, or transferring to a new cloud operating model, is a big decision. At Advania, we believe successful cloud migration goes beyond mere technology transfer. We provide crucial guidance and assurance through pre- and post-migration solutions and services.

Cloud migration services

We can perform your cost-optimised cloud migration onto Azure or we can move your assets to a private or hybrid cloud model through our unique Cloudlab infrastructure as a service (IaaS) platform.

Cloud migration assessments

Be confident that your cloud migration is business aligned and executed with a 360-degree view of your options with full consideration of your existing IT estate.

Cloud migration strategies

A comprehensive cloud migration strategy aligned to the Microsoft cloud adoption framework ensures nothing is overlooked, costs do not overrun, and your business can ensure successful cloud adoption.

Post-migration support

Post-migration, our managed cloud services can help you get the most from your investment, whatever your cloud model.

Managing your new cloud environment

Make the most of your investment and access the benefits of a fully managed cloud – your next step after cloud migration. We can support ongoing management of your cloud environment, supporting and optimising your infrastructure and apps in Azure. Whatever your requirements, we can help find the service that’s right for you.

Discover our Azure case studies

We are the tech company with people at heart – this means we’re passionate about delivering the transformation you need through the power of the cloud. Take a look at how we’ve worked in partnership with our clients to help them succeed with Azure.

An Azure Expert MSP and a trusted UK Microsoft Partner

As a leading Microsoft partner in the UK, we are expertly placed to work towards your digital transformation goals. We’ve developed a world-class centre of excellence in Azure, and here’s what sets us apart from the rest.

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Prepare your organisation for success with cloud migration services

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