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Engage and empower your people with Microsoft Viva

Bring communication, learning, knowledge and insights together in one place with Microsoft Viva, right at the heart of where you work in Microsoft Teams.


A new employee experience and engagement platform

Maintaining a positive employee experience has become critical for many organisations, propelled by the shift to hybrid working. Microsoft Viva brings together a growing host of modules designed to improve how people work – ensure your people feel connected and aligned with your vision, while ensuring there are opportunities to grow and develop, all within Microsoft Teams.


What can Microsoft Viva bring to your organisation?

Powered by Microsoft 365 and accessible through Microsoft Teams, the Viva suite is continually growing. Currently standing at nine modules, Microsoft Viva allows you to bring learning, community engagement and knowledge straight into the hub of the Modern Workplace.

Connect the hybrid workspace icon

Connect the hybrid workplace

A handful of modules now exist with a focus on employee communications and communities. You can promote communication across the workplace and empower employees to make their own contributions via the same Teams app they use every day.

Easily access expertise and training

You can put the right information at your people’s fingertips by organising expertise across your organisation and make personal development a part of the day-to-day with integrated learning modules.

Data-driven insights

With a growing number of workplace analytics and feedback modules, Microsoft Viva can help you enhance the employee experience with insights for individual workers, managers, and leaders to prioritise wellbeing and drive personal development.

What are the Microsoft Viva Modules?

Microsoft Viva connections logo

Connections for cultivating positive communications

Microsoft Viva topics logo

Topics for sharing knowledge and expertise

Microsoft Insights Viva logo

Insights for tailored productivity and employee wellbeing

Microsoft Viva Learning icon

Learning for personal development

Microsoft Viva Goals icon

Goals for tracking company-wide objectives and key results (OKRs)

Microsoft Viva sales logo

Sales for streamlining processes for your salespeople

Microsoft Viva Engage logo

Engage for connecting people across your organisation

Pulse for meaningful feedback when it matters

Microsoft Viva Amplify logo

Amplify for streamlined internal communication campaigns

Transformative communications with Microsoft Viva Engage

Adding more functionality to what formerly was Yammer, Viva Engage gives people across your organisation opportunities connect and build communities around what matters to them in new ways. We’ll help you understand how Microsoft Viva Engage can support cultural change, breaking down barriers between teams and giving a direct channel of communication for your whole business.

We can support Microsoft Viva Engage deployment and advise on how it can be part of a modern, agile workplace alongside SharePoint, Teams and Exchange Online.

Communities to share knowledge

Microsoft Viva Communities

Microsoft Viva Engage can a play a role in more open internal communications that overcomes organisational structure and hierarchy boundaries. Your people can quickly share knowledge and best practice through communities, while leaders and communications teams can engage broadly and directly.

Live and on-demand events

Leveraging the power of Teams within Viva Engage, you’ll be able to reach your entire workforce through live and on-demand events. Run learning sessions and town halls through an in-built streaming platform and gauge feedback as it happens.

Secure and compliant

As with all Microsoft 365 solutions, you can be confident of safety and security with Microsoft Viva Engage. We can help you configure the platform to ensure maximum control on access, activity, governance, and regulatory compliance

Get started with Microsoft Viva

Whether you’re looking for complete Viva Suite enablement or to leverage a specific module, we can support your implementation of Microsoft Viva in Teams. And if you want to roll out Viva in weeks – even days – we can help you move at speed with our FastStart service.

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Empower your people with Microsoft Viva

Whether you know which modules will engage your people best, or you need guidance around your Microsoft Viva implementation, our experts can support you along the way.