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Azure and Cloud services

Accelerate adoption and innovation with expert Azure and cloud services

For innovative services that can overcome today’s business challenges and delight users and customers, the cloud is where you need to be. As an Azure Expert MSP with decades of experience in cloud transformation, Advania is the perfect partner to help you achieve the sustainable value you seek.


The digital imperative: how you can move beyond transformation and thrive

Azure Cloud Services

Turn your vision into reality with a leading Microsoft cloud partner

Our expert solutions team and cloud services are on hand to accelerate your cloud adoption and drive value in Microsoft Azure. We can help you develop your cloud strategy, map out your architecture, migrate and modernise. If you’re already in the cloud, we can support you in managing, securing and optimising your cloud investments for even greater success.

Embrace your future by innovating with Microsoft Azure

Azure gives you the foundation for transformation and growth, powered by a wealth of cloud services. Find out how our Azure experts can help you make the most of all these benefits.

Migrate and modernise data and apps

The cloud offers you greater agility and flexibility, and the chance to drive greater efficiency. We’ll help you migrate and modernise on Azure’s infrastructure seamlessly and securely.

Optimise and secure your cloud

Azure is all about maximising value. Take control of your cloud spending and workloads with Azure’s scalable resources, and all underpinned by best-in-class security, availability and business continuity capabilities.

Innovate for even greater value

With your app infrastructure in the cloud, you can deliver greater experiences for customers through AI and automation, cutting technical debt and accelerating innovation through services such as DevSecOps and Azure Arc.

Set your organisation apart with Microsoft Azure

With peace of mind on costs and security, you can harness the potential for innovation in the cloud that will differentiate your organisation. Working with an experienced partner can ensure business continuity as you securely migrate and modernise, and unlock the future through managed services and optimisation of data and apps. Let’s collaborate to develop a cloud adoption plan and help turn your vision into action.


Our Azure Services

Embrace Microsoft Azure tools and practices for cloud success.

Whether public, private or hybrid, we’ll help you manage your cloud environment.

Ensure your platforms and infrastructure are running smoothly.

Make your move to Microsoft Azure seamless and secure.

Spend less time managing infrastructure and accelerate speed to market.

Free up your people to work flexibly and securely, with consistent user experiences.

Capitalise on the opportunities that being in the cloud brings.

World-class Microsoft Azure expertise

Our UK business holds Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (MSP) status, making it one of Microsoft’s top global Azure specialists. Our extensive Azure capabilities make us best placed to pass on the benefits to our clients and embrace the power of the cloud.

  • Microsoft Solutions Partner for Data & AI – Azure
  • Microsoft Solutions Partner for Digital & App Innovation – Azure
  • Microsoft Solutions Partner for Infrastructure – Azure
  • Specialisations in Azure VMware Solution, Infrastructure and Database Migration and Azure Virtual Desktop

Our customers succeed because we put them first

Advania has helped 100s of organisations with transformation and support projects, helping them succeed through the clever use of technology.

Get your cloud journey on the right track

Whether you’re already using Microsoft Azure or you’d like to start your migration, let’s work together to make the most of the cloud.

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