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Fast, secure and reliable connectivity for businesses in the modern age

The perfect balance of modern business connectivity is made up of reliability, scalability and cost-effective solutions that keep pace with your needs. At Advania, you can count on our expertise to keep you connected and working towards your long-term goals as we identify and manage the ideal solutions for your phone and internet services.

Connect with the right people, make the right choices

Your expertise is what sets you apart from the competition. To be the best, you need tools and solutions underpinning a high-quality service, one which benefits from the clever use of technology and an always-on approach. If you employ unified communication and collaboration tools to connect your remote and diverse workforce, you’ll need business phone and internet services that can handle the demands of document sharing, information gathering, streaming, AI tools and more.

Designing and maintaining this communication network is complex and making the wrong decisions can be costly. That’s where Advania comes in. Our expertise is what sets us apart.


Why you need high-quality business connectivity services from a leading partner

Whatever your requirements, you’ll need at least a connection guaranteeing you speed, security and reliability. But with the multiple options available to you, can you be certain you’ll make the choices that result in greatest value in the long term? Which provider should you choose? What hardware will satisfy your needs? What network design best fits your organisation? Will you need ongoing managed services

End-to-end support

Throughout your enterprise connectivity project, we will provide comprehensive support and guidance for every decision you’ll make. This includes consultation on solution design, securing the best quotes from our network of suppliers, validating orders, managing and delivering multiple projects, facilitating service handover and accommodating any changes during the project lifecycle.

Single point of contact

With our Connect Provisioning Service, we handle direct communication with our suppliers, ensuring you have a centralised point of contact. We streamline the process by validating and simplifying supplier communications, translating them into easily comprehensible updates and eliminating technical jargon to make the entire process straightforward.

Breadth of expertise

Utilising our expertise and many years’ experience in business telephony and internet systems, we offer tailored advice to identify the most suitable solutions for you. Collaborating closely with your IT teams, we work to understand your objectives to provide informed guidance and offer an optimal path forward.

Enterprise connectivity technologies we can help you with

The deep technical expertise we possess, coupled with our longstanding links with suppliers and manufacturers, mean we can help manage your connectivity services regardless of which solutions you need. Here are some of the technologies that can answer your connectivity challenges.

Fibre leased line

A fibre line unique to your organisation brings huge advantages for connectivity services and demands. If you make use of online transactions, deal with large quantities of data or make thousands of phone calls, video calls and app connections daily, you know the importance of a reliable connection. Traditional fibre broadband can let you down at the busiest times when you’re forced to share your connection with thousands of other users. A dedicated fibre leased line gives you your own internet or MSPL connection, uncontended – so no slowing down at peak traffic times. With high bandwidth capabilities and consistent access, a fibre lease line could underpin your entire business connectivity strategy.


SoGEA (single order generic Ethernet access) offers connectivity without the need for a phone line. SoGEA also futureproofs your connectivity ahead of the public switched telephone network (PSTN) switch off in the UK in 2025. A single line (single order) is all that’s required for you to get online. SoGEA uses a combination of fibre and copper, based on existing technology and the result is a cost-effect, fast and reliable connection, with the added bonus of streamlining your connectivity logistics. Advania offers SoGEA services and solutions that will help you make the move forward to futureproof business broadband, as well as expert consultancy on any additional voice services you need.


SD-WAN, or software-defined wide area networking, is a technology that allows you manage your applications and connect users securely. Traditionally, managing a network spanning multiple locations meant configuring large numbers of hardware devices – a drain on both time and resources. With SD-WAN, software WAN architecture enables you to control data flow across a network, enabling you to manage everything from one centralised place. This means you can control traffic routes and security measures centrally, without needing to tweak each hardware device separately. SD-WAN makes managing and optimising your network more flexible and cost-efficient.


If you’re looking to move your workloads into Microsoft Azure, Azure ExpressRoute gives you a private connection that’s reliable, secure and fast. ExpressRoute connects you to the Azure Datacentres via a fibre Ethernet service installed into your office or datacentre, delivering a lower latency than a typical internet connection. 

Beyond connectivity

In addition to connectivity technologies, Advania can support you with a range of voice and data services. Here’s how we can help.

Voice consultancy

If you require Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services, we offer a full range of voice consultancy services to help you unify your communication objectives, secure network connectivity and enable industry-leading voice applications. For many organisations, internet-based voice solutions bring a slew of immediate benefits, from greater mobility and scalability to more predictable costs. But with a range of options and complexities, choosing your unique set of services can be overwhelming. Careful planning and management are critical if you want to generate maximum value from your chosen solution.

Microsoft Teams Voice

Fully leveraging the advantages and power of cloud-based calling within Teams provides you with flexible, scalable and secure cloud telephony. From finding the right call plan to assisting with technical and cultural change, Advania will ensure that your Microsoft Teams calling deployment is smooth and seamless. Discover how you can benefit from transformative communications with Microsoft Teams Voice.

SIP trunking and global coverage

We can provide global coverage through our HALO Platform, giving you virtual telephone lines through SIP Trunking and phone numbers in more than 120 countries. By combining the best of your unified communications solutions and business applications, all powered by one central, secure cloud platform, you can achieve new standards of secure, resilient and adaptable communication that modern business demands. Our HALO (Highly Available Latency Optimised) platform architecture allows you to connect to people and services via integration with your chosen platforms.

Managed services

Ongoing managed services give you the peace of mind that your most crucial operations and process are in expert hands. We offer a range of managed services including support services, security services, infrastructure management, service integration and more. As a leading manged service provider, we can offer our breadth of expertise and deep knowledge of modern business technology to take the burden of daily maintenance and management, leaving you to focus on the tasks that create most value for your organisation. 
Business connectivity expertise

How Advania’s business connectivity services power you to success

At Advania, we know that every organisation has unique needs. Our Connect Team ensures that the right service is being proposed at the most cost-effective price. With more than 30 years’ experience across a wide variety of telecommunication needs, we can take care of all your solutions while you focus on the things that matter most – generating value for your organisation and a high-quality experience for your clients.

An award-winning trusted Microsoft partner

In the UK, Advania is recognised as a full Solutions Partner for Microsoft Cloud and an Azure Expert Managed Services Provider, ranking us among the global elite of Microsoft partners.

For your business, your people make the difference. For us, it’s no different – our success is your success. With Advania, you can trust you are gaining the best support and expert advice.

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Tell us about your business connectivity goals

With the world rapidly becoming cloud-centric, your most critical business solutions must keep pace with industry as a whole. Our experts are ready to work with you to revolutionise the way your people communicate, as part of a strategy to accelerate your sustainability goals that drive your long-term success. We have the best people available to support your Microsoft Teams Voice adoption and they are waiting to hear from you.