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Modern Work

Meet the needs of your people with modern workplace technologies

The modern workplace is here. As working patterns and expectations have evolved, a blend of the physical and virtual, onsite and remote, is needed. To empower your people in this hybrid world of work, you need solutions that are simple, secure and scalable.


The digital imperative: how you can move beyond transformation and thrive

Man working from home. Example of Modern work.

Accelerate your modern workplace transformation

With your people now often spread across numerous locations, you need a working environment that answers the challenges of hybrid working. You need a clear strategy and a modern workplace model that enables your people to perform their best, no matter where they are. It’s what your organisation needs and what the hybrid working world demands.

Make the future today with Modern Work

Harnessing the power of Microsoft technologies and cloud-based productivity applications, the modern workplace offers you freedom, innovation and security hand in hand. Collaborating, sharing knowledge and communicating has never been simpler – or more crucial to success.

Work anytime, anywhere

A set desk and fixed hours are a thing of the past. The culture of modern work is about flexibility, demanding 24/7, secure communication and collaboration across multiple devices.

Think agile, act quickly

Sudden internal demands or external events can be responded to and absorbed thanks to scalable, agile and cost-effective modern work solutions.

Embrace AI

The modern workplace continues to evolve. Tools such as Microsoft 365 Copilot and generative AI are lightening the load of daily tasks. It’s time to embrace greater productivity and creativity.

The solutions for your unique modern workplace needs

At Advania, we design modern workplaces with flexibility and evolution in mind, where the freedom to innovate is reinforced by privacy and safety. We create new opportunities for you and your people, harnessing the power of Microsoft 365, the AI capabilities of Copilot,and the added potential of Microsoft’s business applications. Employee experience, communication and collaboration, and data management are integrated seamlessly for a revolutionary approach that supports you to achieve your goals.
Modern Work

Gain every advantage of the modern workplace

Tailor your working environment to your specific needs with services from Advania that prepare for the future of work.
For collaboration, making connections and streamlining content creation, Microsoft 365’s cloud services revolutionise how you work and manage your business.

Connect your people with productivity tools, news and resources in a platform aimed at creating an enhanced, more engaging employee experience.

Microsoft Teams is the productivity core for your organisation. Chat, meet and collaborate in real time, and bring voice calling, meetings, apps and content into a single, intelligent hub.

Transform document and information management in your organisation and revolutionise how your teams work together.

Grow a productive and collaborative workspace for a connected work experience with intranet solutions powered by Microsoft 365.

Tap into creativity and streamline heavy processes with bespoke app development services.

Map your modern work technologies to your business needs to ensure your people can collaborate, engage and work with freedom.

Get your projects up and running in days and weeks, rather than months and years, with our FastStart services.

Put the power of innovation in the hands of your people by embedding Power Platform in your organisation. 

Solutions Partner for Modern Work

As a Solutions Partner for Modern Work, Advania has demonstrated a broad capability to help our clients boost their productivity and make the shift to hybrid work using Microsoft 365. This accreditation recognises our technical capabilities, experience and ability to deliver client success aligned to the Microsoft cloud.

Build your modern workplace

Our experts are waiting to hear from you. Whether you want to take the first steps in your workplace modernisation journey or are looking to optimise what you already have, Advania is the partner you want by your side.
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