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Confidently govern and safeguard your data with Microsoft Purview

Your data represents some of the most valuable information available to you. No matter where your data lives, Microsoft Purview offers industry-leading tools to organise, govern, protect and manage your data, letting you squeeze every bit of value from across your organisation.


Making informed decision by using your data

The most successful organisations don’t passively collect their own data and store it away. They actively manage and derive value from their assets. Microsoft Purview – the unified platform of Azure Purview and Microsoft 365 compliance – provides integrated coverage and addresses the ongoing fragmentation of data across organisations, the lack of visibility that hampers data protection and governance, and the increased lack of distinction between traditional IT roles and responsibilities.


Govern, protect and manage your data with Advania’s Microsoft Purview support

Effectively managing your data is one of the cornerstones of long-term success, but its something so many organisations neglect. If you lack a holistic view of all your data, if you struggle to adequately manage and safeguard sensitive data across its lifecycle, and if you’re unable to ensure that your data is secured and stored compliantly across your networks and environments, Microsoft Purview may have the answer.

How Microsoft Purview can help you succeed

Microsoft Purview shines a light directly onto your organisation, giving you the tools and solutions to continuously monitor and analyse your data. Whether you need help with data security, data governance, or risk and compliance, our experts can support you with Microsoft Purview to ensure the results you want.

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Data security, governance, and compliance with Microsoft Purview

Data security and governance

Data security

Keeping your most confidential information secure forms the basis of any security vision, you have. Your data represents one of the most valuable commodities that you own, and ensuring its security and stability is a top priority. Microsoft Purview gives you the ability to discover and protect sensitive information by utilising, among other solutions:

Purview Data Loss Prevention

Purview Information Barriers

Purview Information Protection

Purview Insider Risk Management

Data governance

Included in its functionality, Microsoft Purview offers unified data governance solutions to manage data across on-premises, multicloud and SaaS estate alike. The tools available to you include:

Purview Data Catalogue

Purview Data Estate Insights

Purview Data Map

Risk and compliance

Ensuring that you meet compliance standards isn’t just about ticking a box, it helps you avoid compliance-related risks such as data breaches and improper storage and management. Microsoft Purview includes risk and compliance solutions to help you meet your requirements and avoid unnecessary risks.

Purview Audit

Purview Communication Compliance

Purview Compliance Manager

Purview Data Lifecycle Management

Together, these tools provide the foundation for a long-term data governance and management policy. But what if you need something more? What if you need a tailored service that answers your specific needs with the power and breadth of service of Microsoft Purview? That’s where Advania’s Purview Fast Start service stands ahead of the competition.

How Advania’s Purview Fast Start unlocks your data value

By offering a comprehensive, unified platform to view, safeguard and govern your data, Microsoft Purview offers the ability to proactively engage with your organisational data. Layering our unique and personalised Fast Start service on top provides you with additional expertise and customisation to take your data management and engagement to the next level. Here’s how you’ll benefit.

Expert Architects and Engineers- Microsoft Purview

Expert architects and engineers

Our years of experience and expertise in the implementation and management of data now becomes your experience and expertise. Our extensive resources will support you to deliver complete solutions for your security and governance needs.

Register and scan sources- Microsoft Purview

Register and scan data sources

Building up a catalogue of usable and discoverable data can be a timely and complex issue. With our secure connection methods, we can help with registering and scanning all your data – both on premise and cloud data – to quickly and safely build your database.

Configuration of Compliance Manager Microsoft Purview

Configuration of Compliance Manager

By engaging with you on a personal level, we can customise and specialise according to your needs. With our configuration tools, you can review and add regulations unique to your organisation and your needs, and easily create assessments for the regulations to track compliance across the business.

Information protection and governance Microsoft Purview

Information protection and governance

We can help you to configure your data lifecycle management, data loss prevention, information protection and records management. Having a holistic view of your data posture and understanding its security and compliance position is crucial in building a modern data management policy.

Discover and response Microsoft Purview

Discover and response

We can rapidly create a log to record your user and admin activity. This provides a crucial and easy-to-access method of searching, auditing, and investigating data access and usage across your organisation.

Priva subject access rights Microsoft Purview

Priva subject access rights

We offer configuration of Microsoft Priva specific to your business, to allow you to manage subject access requests at scale.

Advania’s Microsoft Purview Fast Start service

Our Purview Fast Start service is a strategic implementation of Microsoft Purview, customised to your specific business requirements. You know your business better than anyone else, so our expert teams partner with you to rapidly implement the solutions that you need to govern, protect and manage your data.

By combining our expertise, the data and AI sector with your intimate knowledge of your organisation and data, we can work together to create an environment where you can seamlessly govern your data, manage its risks, and ensure all regulatory requirements are met.

An award-winning trusted Microsoft partner

In the UK, Advania is recognised as a full Solutions Partner for Microsoft Cloud and an Azure Expert Managed Services Provider, ranking us among the global elite of Microsoft partners.

For your business, your people make the difference. For us, it’s no different – our success is your success. With Advania, you can trust you are gaining the best support and expert advice.

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Tell us how we can support your data management needs with Microsoft Purview

There’s no better way of discovering what we can do for you than talking about your requirements and goals with our experts. Whatever your Azure data service needs, we can put our years of experience to good use and leverage the best of mode.

Whether you have existing experience with Azure Governance and Microsoft 365 compliance or are completely new to the worlds of data security and governance, our experts will ensure you have the support and the solutions you need to build a long-term, secure and optimised data management environment. Wherever your data lives, you must be able to track it, analyse it and gain every shred of value from it possible. That’s where we come in.