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Private ChatGPT

Chase innovation and unlock greater value with a secure Private ChatGPT

Our world is changing rapidly with the dawn of artificial intelligence (AI) and large language models (LLMs). Your people expect the best, and organisations must adapt to embrace the latest and most powerful business tools. Advania’s Private ChatGPT is secure by design, with industry-standard features keeping you safe from the risks posed by public AI solutions while offering a tailor-made environment for AI innovation and success.


Put the power of AI into the hands of every user with Private ChatGPT

Private ChatGPT helps you leverage AI to shape your future, offering a foundation for long-term evolution and success. When people want to experience the latest technologies, the integrity of your business demands that they do it in a safe and secure manner. Offering everything you expect of enterprise AI services, Advania’s Private ChatGPT allows you to keep a tight rein on your most critical data while extending across your existing technologies and infrastructure to bring the power of AI to every user.


Combine generative AI with knowledge of your business

Private ChatGPT can also understand your organisation and respond to company-specific questions, providing an entirely new way to locate information and get answers. To extend the AI’s awareness beyond standard GPT models, our tool can bring in authoritative knowledge from your Microsoft 365 environment or other data stores, providing rich organisational context not possible with public AI platforms.

Private ChatGPT also provides a foundation to automate your processes with GPT and provide AI capabilities to other apps and services, including the Microsoft Power Platform. Supported by Advania’s expertise in AI and automation, you’ll be able to unlock even greater value for your organisation.

How Private ChatGPT services can help you
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Your ChatGPT, your branding

Making your people feel comfortable when they work is key to generating sustained productivity. That’s why your Private ChatGPT will use your own company branding, so that no matter whether employees are at home, in the office or on the train, our creation becomes your familiar solution.

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Your data with extended capabilities

You can extend our base platform to include your own data and information, no matter where it’s stored. Without the limits and restrictions of public AI tools, the only constraints on what you do with your data is whatever you choose.

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Your needs, directly integrated with AI

With multiple front-end options and the ability to work with complex environments, the tools for success are at your fingertips. If you need a simple, fast-start solution or have greater complexity in mind, with Private ChatGPT you’ll eliminate security threats while injecting your every process with the power of AI.

A secure and personalised AI solution

We know that organisations expect constant control of their data. You know that you want to embrace cutting edge technology. Private ChatGPT answers both of those calls.

Hosted entirely in your own Azure environment with a simple user interface that your teams will understand immediately, our solution allows you to provide a safe, company branded ChatGPT tool with the same functionality as the public offerings. All data related to your Private ChatGPT remains in your organisation’s cloud environment, offering you enterprise-grade functionality with none of the risks associated with public ChatGPT tools.

How you and Private ChatGPT combine for success

If you’re already aware of the benefits and potential in public tools like ChatGPT, Private ChatGPT can enhance the way you engage with this new model of AI. Whatever your need, Private ChatGPT offers an enterprise-grade, public quality-level product enhanced with critical security features not available with the public solutions.

Latest LLM technology

Private ChatGPT runs on your choice of LLM model, including GPT-3.5 and GPT-4. As GPT-4 availability widens, our solution supports switching with minimal effort, giving your organisation the freedom to evolve as your AI opportunities do.

Constant security

All your data, all your prompts and all your responses remain securely in your own Azure environment. You never need to worry about your sensitive information being used to train future public GPT models, passed to third parties, or worse – released into the public domain.

Integrate your company data

Optionally integrate content from your Microsoft 365 environment (SharePoint/Teams), Azure, SaaS apps or other sources to expand Private ChatGPT’s knowledge base.

Streamlined deployment

Advania becomes your AI partner on your Private ChatGPT journey. Lean on our expertise in Semantic Kernel and Azure OpenAI to deploy a tested, enterprise-grade solution. Our accelerator combines the best of Microsoft building blocks with our tailoring for production use.

Usage analytics

Understand how your organisation is adopting AI and uncover hidden use cases. Our Power BI dashboard helps you understand current usage and see future opportunities.

Never lose your prompts and responses

With full chat history, only you retain every engagement you’ve had with the AI. One of the most popular features of public ChatGPT, a full record is also available to you without sharing sensitive information beyond the organisational walls.

Your Private ChatGPT solution options

You can select from our two Private ChatGPT plans – one to get underway quickly with your AI solution, or another to build a personalised service to suit specific and more complex needs.


Get started quickly with our ready-to-go offering:

  • Prescriptive baseline based on common needs
  • Your branding and colours (simple)
  • Choice of URL
  • Single-sign on with AAD
  • Per-user chat history

With your data

Private ChatGPT with your company data:

  • Combine ChatGPT with your documents in Microsoft 365 (SharePoint/Teams)
  • Specify high-priority areas of your Microsoft 365 environment for Private ChatGPT to understand
  • Also adds internet search and document upload capabilities

Private and public ChatGPT:
your questions answered

GPT stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer. This transformer is a LLM that has been trained on a huge database of internet-based text to generate human-like conversation. The ‘Chat’ part of the name refers to it being a chatbot.

ChatGPT has become a global phenomenon with well over 100 million users. Microsoft Copilot (formerly Bing Chat) and Google Bard are two common alternative tools.

Exactly how you would engage with another person on a messaging app. By typing in requests – called prompts – you can request the AI to answer questions, write content, to summarise text, to extract information, translate documents or reword existing text.

ChatGPT attracted more than 100 million users in an incredibly short space of time. Despite its popularity, there are risks that come with using a public, unsecured tool and these risks are posed to every one of ChatGPT’s users.

Many people are not aware that ChatGPT stores every single piece of information that it receives. Every prompt, every question – every single interaction is stored within ChatGPT’s datacentres, helping to train and improve the model for future users.

As an example, if you ask ChatGPT to summarise a confidential document like a financial report, and request that it produces an executive summary for you to present to stakeholders, the financial information that you provide ChatGPT with will be stored forever in ChatGPT’s database. If another user asks a future model of ChatGPT the right combination of questions, the AI may unintentionally reveal every piece of confidential financial information that you previous input.

Businesses employ thousands of people who deal with confidential data every day. These same people are now using ChatGPT every day as well. The potential risk is huge. That’s why a Private ChatGPT, secure in your own environment, and with no risk of information leakage to the outside world, is essential.

Your Private ChatGPT: gateway to the world of AI innovation

Adopting Private ChatGPT for your people isn’t a one-and-done opportunity. By embracing the possibilities that Private ChatGPT offers, you can begin exploring a world of greater efficiency, productivity, and creativity – all made possible by automation and AI.

Advania can support you throughout this AI journey, whether you need help building a long-term AI strategy or additional assistance with your current solutions. No matter how your AI needs develop, our experts are there so that you never have to face the challenges alone.

With our expertise and your intimate knowledge of your personnel and industry, we can partner together to bring your ideas to fruition, utilising the power of Microsoft Syntex, Microsoft 365 Copilot or the Power Platform. Whatever your plans, we can help lead the way.