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Microsoft Fabric

Microsoft Fabric

Harness the power of data in the AI era

The explosion of data as a business resource has made many organisations reassess how they manage and exploit the data they collect. With Microsoft Fabric, you take control of an all-in-one solution that handles everything from data management to real-time-analytics and data science, putting you in pole position to generate sustainable value from your data.


Combining the raw power of AI with business-critical data analysis

Gaining a competitive edge in business has always involved squeezing as much information as you can from your data, and with our current era defined by AI this need becomes even more pronounced. With the vast web of data solutions clogging the marketplace it’s no surprise that many organisation’s data systems are a complicated and often disconnected mess. This is where Microsoft Fabric comes to the fore, and where Advania’s Fabric expertise can help you get ahead of the competition.

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How Microsoft Fabric answers your data analytics needs

The business world has undergone wholesale changes in the last decade, and the speed of evolution is increasing. Gone are the days when business processes were fixed for years at a time, with technology iterating at a snail’s pace. Today you need to have knowledge and expertise in every aspect of your business – including your data – and powering and structuring your AI tools relies on a constant flow of clean and logical data. Here’s how Microsoft Fabric can help.

Empower your people with Microsoft Fabric

Through its intuitive integrations with Microsoft 365 apps and leveraging Power BI, Fabric enables seamless data access and analysis with common business tools, including Excel, Teams, PowerPoint and SharePoint. 

Through Fabric, your Microsoft apps become hubs for insight that allow you to analyse data in Excel, share them via Teams and present them with embedded live Power BI reports. Additionally, with Microsoft Graph Data Connect, OneLake integrates Microsoft 365 data, and unlocks deeper insights across various aspects of your organisations.

An all-in-one analytics platform

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Fabric offers all the capabilities you need in one holistic platform, presenting a unified experience and architecture that functions as an end-to-end solution for developers and business users. Integrating your multi-system analytics projects can be an expensive and complicated process, but with Fabric all your data assessment and harvesting is brought under one roof in an optimised service that provides feedback and business value in minutes.

Lake-centric and open

Today’s data lakes often pose challenges for users due to their complexity and the potential for data duplication and vendor-lock in. OneLake, integrated into Fabric as a Software as a Service (SaaS) multi-cloud data lake, aims to simplify data management and eliminate data silos by providing a unified storage system. By adopting OneLake and common formats like Delta and Parquet, customers can simplify workload management and unify their data stack.

Powered by AI

Microsoft Fabric integrates Azure OpenAI Service to enhance data utilisation, empowering developers with generative AI tools and aiding users in data analysis. By engaging Microsoft Copilot, Fabric allows users to work with natural language for tasks such as creating dataflows and building machine-learning models. You can unlock the full power of AI and data inside a model with a commitment to security and privacy that doesn’t use tenant data for model training.

Optimise expenditure and reduce costs

Combining analytics products from multiple vendors often results in inefficient workflows with no one tool being used to capacity. Managing your resources is simplified and optimised in Fabric using a single pool of computing power for all of your workloads. This universal computing capacity significantly reduces cost, as Fabric’s shared power means that global capacity is split across all your workloads.

Advania’s Fabric Readiness Assessment

The challenge of successfully exploiting your data with Fabric relies on your having constructed a clean and continuous data flow. Poorly managed and catalogued data won’t provide you with anywhere near as great an advantage as an optimised data strategy. Our Fabric Readiness Assessment puts you in the driving seat to leverage the full power of Microsoft Fabric. Here’s what we can do for you.

As part of our Fabric Readiness Assessment, our experts will review your existing data estate, security and data culture. We will provide a roadmap that offers strategic and tactical considerations towards a successful Fabric adoption. Additionally, we will identify the method of Microsoft Fabric implementation that best meets your specific needs, across a range of criteria including business alignment and governance.

Data Structure Analysis

  • Review your current data structure and readiness 
  • Determine how best to enable Microsoft Fabric for your users
  • Explore the SKU and appropriate sizing for your workspace 
  • Report on the correct licensing and requirements for your users

Secure and Compliant Foundation

  • Review the existing security policies relating to data requirements 
  • Identify the needs for sensitivity labels, data loss prevention policies, Azure Defender for Cloud and other cloud security and monitoring solutions 
  • Identify any potential limitations with existing controls and how Microsoft Fabric can resolve them


  • Explore the skills of your existing data team and identify training needs ahead of Fabric implementation 
  • Create a bespoke training programme to support data analysts, data scientists, data engineers and developers in adopting Fabric across their workflows
  • Create an effective onboarding plan for all Fabric users

Fabric Readiness Assessment: outcomes you can deliver on

After undergoing our assessment, you will be much better placed to leverage and act on your data. You will have:

  • A clearly defined adoption roadmap for Fabric
  • A review of how data culture, content ownership and management impacts Fabric adoption
  • Identify opportunities to save licensing and processing costs 
  • A fully documented review
  • A self-service tool to meet your data requirements faster 
  • Help to identify any limitations to your Fabric solution
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Advania’s analytic assessments: expertise for businesses of every size

No matter what sphere and size of business you operate, we can help. If you’re a smaller organisation looking to move to the cloud, assess a new data architecture or future-proof your current data estate, we can provide you with our SMB Assessment where our teams will review your data sources and architecture. For larger organisation, our Enterprise Assessment team will meet with your data and security experts, and review your organisation’s governance process, controls, and data access, resulting in a comprehensive report about your data estate. Alongside these, our Fabric Readiness assessment is ideal for anyone looking to future-proof their entire data estate by moving to Microsoft’s SaaS platform.

An award-winning trusted Microsoft partner

In the UK, Advania is recognised as a full Solutions Partner for Microsoft Cloud and an Azure Expert Managed Services Provider, ranking us among the global elite of Microsoft partners.

For your business, your people make the difference. For us, it’s no different – our success is your success. With Advania, you can trust you are gaining the best support and expert advice.

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In a world where data tells more than half the story, you need to be sure that you’re gaining maximum benefit from the data you collect and maintain. Our experts can support you adopt a data-first mentality, combining the power and opportunities of AI with cutting-edge data harnessing technology.