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Cyber Security and Compliance Services

Entrust your cyber security and compliance to our experts

Modern ways of working are making everyday tasks easier for your people, but they do leave you vulnerable to risk. Find out how cyber security and compliance services from Advania can keep your people and data safe from threats in the modern frontier.

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How can our cyber security services help you?

We’ve invested heavily in building our cyber security expertise to ensure your data and systems stay protected, even as threats evolve at rapid pace. We can assess your current threat landscape, ensure your IT operations are protected with real-time detection and response, and prevent data loss with managed security services.

Mitigating your organisation’s cyber risk

With the advanced complexity of the current cyber threat landscape, it’s critical to ensure your operations are protected – but that can be difficult if you don’t have the means to establish your own cyber security practice. Find out how our cyber security services can help you.

Understand your security vulnerabilities and weaknesses

Strengthen your resilience against threat actors by gaining an understanding of your organisation’s risks and vulnerabilities.

Proactive security monitoring

Threat actors don’t stop at the end of the working day, so your cyber security shouldn’t either. Keep your systems and networks secure with around-the-clock monitoring and detection.

Simplified defence strategy

Cloud security solutions can help you stay on top of evolving risks and regulatory requirements so you can ensure the highest levels of protection and compliance.

Protect critical data and networks

We can help you assess, assure, monitor, manage, report, resolve and remediate across your identity access, devices, applications, data, infrastructure and network. Our award-winning, experienced team of cyber security experts can advise on the most appropriate solutions to address your concerns around mobility, compliance, information governance, supply chain security, user education and awareness, and secure remote working.

cybersecurity & compliance

Our Cyber security and compliance services

We can help with a full range of one-off engagements, strategic consultancy and managed services to help your organisation stay secure and compliant.
Benefit from dedicated 24/7, 365 expert monitoring, detection and prevention.
Get enterprise-level detection at SMB pricing, with instant response to handle threats quickly.
Secure your applications and network with a secure, zero trust identity-driven environment.
Assess your information security posture and get assistance in operating your security function on a recurring basis.
Gauge your strengths and weaknesses with penetration testing, red teaming and simulated attack scenarios (phishing, ransomware, etc).
Security across the Cloud
Benefit from our technical expertise and the inbuilt security of Microsoft with our design and implementation services for Microsoft 365 and Azure.

Trust in our specialist cyber security expertise

Our extensive cyber security practice and people have earned us membership in a number of prestigious forums. We are approved by CREST – a not for profit independent entity validating capability in the security testing, monitoring and assurance space. We’re a member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) – an ecosystem of independent managed security services providers integrating with Microsoft’s solutions to better protect organisations.

Our status as Solutions Partner for Microsoft Cloud includes the Security designation along with three specialisations:

  • Identity and Access Management
  • Threat Protection
  • Cloud Security

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Advania has helped 100s of organisations with transformation and support projects, helping them succeed through the clever use of technology.

Secure your organisation

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