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Accelerate and sustain your cloud innovation through Azure data services

Unlocking the power of your data estate is key to achieving long-term business success. Advania offers accredited data experts that will help you leverage the limitless possibilities of Azure when it comes to getting the most from your data.

After your people, data is your biggest asset but is often under-leveraged. Whether it’s cloud-scale analytics, managed databases or the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, organisations are gaining a competitive advantage through data-driven decision making powered by Azure.


Make Azure data services a core part of your innovation strength

No matter your industry, any organisation faces difficulties with storage, protection, access and reporting and the benefits of AI truly start with a robust IA (information architecture). Effectively harnessing your data across all of your business requires expertise and experience, along with the application of the right technology.

Advania’s expertise with Azure data services simplify the complexities that come with establishing the right architecture, governance, and management of data in the cloud and provide a clear path to impactful innovation.

Azure Data Services features

Understand your data with Azure analytics

Understanding your data is the only surefire way to unlock the potential it holds. At Advania, we can help you establish a sophisticated data analytics platform or enhance an existing one to deliver powerful, actionable insights and to democratise these insights to your business stakeholders.

With modern real-time dashboards that empower your teams to keep their finger on the pulse and make informed decisions at lighting pace, with security and compliance built-in, our outcome based, and business aligned approach ensures your organisation is leveraging the right technology in the right way, whilst optimising cost and performance.

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Make sense of your data

From app usage to big data analytics, Azure analytics tools such Synapse, Fabric and Power BI make it easier to dive deep into your data and identify the activities and trends that generate most value.

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Make costs more predictable

Our Azure data services free you up from being tied down to datacentre costs, software lifecycles and expensive maintenance. Using cloud-native services allow you to remain truly flexible on costs allowing you to only pay for the resources when they are needed. Our experts will guide and architect solutions not only for optimum performance and security but will guide you on the myriad options to ensure running costs in the cloud are minimised.

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Enhance your day-to-day user experience

With data collected efficiently and securely, it can be processed and presented in digestible formats that allow your users to drill into aspects that interest them the most, empowering and enabling them to do more in less time.

Turn your data into your driving force

Your data often represents the richest mine of information about your business that exists. From raw analytical data to customer feedback, and from internal user statistics to historic sales figures, when properly managed and harnessed, your data can give you direct guidance about your strengths and weaknesses. Many organisations don’t realise that they are sitting on a goldmine of strategic information. Discover how Azure data services can help you.

Accelerate your success with our Azure data migration service

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When you move forward at pace, you need a managed services provider who can deliver reliably at speed. With Advania’s proven expertise in Windows and SQL migration services to Azure, we can accelerate you towards a modern, secure and agile data platform in just six weeks. Our proven expertise coupled with our Azure Data Platform Accelerator service will help you to:

  • Transition from end-of-support workloads to a supported SQL Server IaaS or Azure SQL PaaS service offering
  • Improve your data and service security 
  • Optimise cost with deployment models such as Azure SQL DB serverless and elastic pool, and Reserved Instances and Azure Hybrid Use Benefit
  • Increase the availability and redundancy of your critical data workloads
  • Reduce management complexity freeing time for innovation

Simplify data complexities with expert Azure data services

With a huge range of tools at your disposal, your data needs no longer be complicated and confusing. We’ll work with you to understand your current data challenges and map out a path to success – all centred around your strategic ambitions and goals. Here are some of the more common Azure tools that can support your data modernisation journey.


Azure data services include:

Intelligence and automation

Solutions in Azure and Microsoft 365 include:

Protect your data and proactively target threats with Azure

Your data presents a rich target for threat actors. Azure is secure by design, and with more compliance certificates than any other cloud provider you can feel safe in the knowledge that you’re benefiting from the highest standard of protection.

As a UK Microsoft Sentinel partner, Advania has a wealth of experience in the cloud security environment. We can provide further managed Azure CSOC Services, general cyber services, Backup as a Service and Disaster Recovery as a Service. We won’t leave you exposed to risk – when you need to protect your valuable data, Advania has you covered.

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“We are already working with Advania on the next phase of our project to implement PaaS services such as Azure DevOps, Azure Web Apps and Azure SQL, and – with a recently announced facelift to our e-Learning platform – we know we can depend on them to help us deliver this with success.”

Senior Support Analyst, public sector client

Leverage our expertise to support your organisation

Choosing a managed service provider means putting your trust in others. That’s why we’re proud of the accredited consulting and engineering expertise in our Data Platforms Team, employing our proven methodology to accelerate your ambitions with data.

Azure is the foundation for digital transformation and regardless of where you are on your cloud adoption journey, we can provide additional expertise and services to help your people be the best version of themselves at work. Our award-winning teams can offer support with:

Azure Analytics and Machine Learning

Azure Open AI Services

Application and data migration and modernisation

Cloud-native app development

Managed Data Platform Services

An Azure Expert MSP and a trusted UK Microsoft Partner

As a leading Microsoft partner in the UK, we are expertly placed to work towards your digital transformation goals. We’ve developed a world-class centre of excellence in Azure – discover what sets us apart from the rest.

Azure Expert MSP
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Streamlined billing as a Tier-1 Cloud Service Provider (CSP)

More than 100 accredited Azure experts

Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider status

Azure Specialisations in Infrastructure and Database Migration, Azure Virtual Desktop, Azure VMware Solution

Microsoft Sentinel powered Security Operations Centre service

Global 24/7 global Azure managed services

Tell us about your Azure data service needs

There’s no better way of discovering what we can do for you than talking about your requirements and goals with our experts. Whatever your Azure data service needs, we can put our years of experience to good use and leverage the best of modern technology to achieve your long-term plans. 

Talk to Advania today for a free no-obligation discussion on your data ambitions and the approaches taken by our customers. 

Discover the limitless scale, performance and capabilities of Azure data services and let our experts guide your success in the cloud.