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Managed Data Services

Managed Data Services

Your data, our expertise: Advania’s managed data services

Your data is the cornerstone of your business, impacting everything from the reliability of your service to the cost-effectiveness of your operations. But it can be difficult managing and analysing the rich mine of information your data provides. If you have questions about the sustainability of your data solutions, concerns about future-proofing your architecture and a need to protect your services from emerging threats, Advania’s managed data services can help.


How managed data services can help your organisation

Managed data services encompass a range of services that help organisations handle their data-related needs. If you have difficulty attracting and retaining data experts, or if the costs of supporting your data solutions are becoming an endless spiral, partnering with a managed services provider may be the answer. From improving and optimising your data storage structure to supporting you with an evolving data security posture, our managed data services can help boost your sustainability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Managed Data Services features

Shouldering your data burden while you focus on greater value

As an award-winning managed services provider, you can leverage our knowledge and experience without the need to develop and manage those capabilities in-house. While our teams are focusing on your data management needs, your people can be focusing on their higher value priorities, giving time to the things that drive greatest business value and set you apart from the competition.

Where your expertise meets our experience

Skilled industry experts

Whether you need to replace your own data experts or are simply looking for support from an award-winning data management team, our industry specialists will put their breadth of knowledge to work for you.

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Minimise incidents and threats

Our data management team ensure that best practices are always followed, including proactive monitoring as standard. This means that any data-related incidents can be reduced as far as possible – or prevented entirely. Before you know there’s a problem, we’re working on the solution.

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Microsoft Data Specialists

As an award-winning Microsoft partner, our services are tailored towards the Microsoft suite of data offerings, ranging from on-premise SQL servers to the wealth and power of the Azure platform. Whatever you need, by partnering with Advania we’ve got you covered.

What you can expect from Advania’s managed data services

Data management can be a complex and time-consuming responsibility, and devoting the required manpower can be too much for even the most dedicated IT teams. We offer a range of solutions and many years’ expertise to empower your people to do more things of value and leave the day-to-day mundane – but critical – task of data management to us. 

With Advania, you’ll benefit from scalable, reliable, cost-effect data management, with the latest security considerations built in together with industry-standard compliance features.

Managed Data Services

The solutions to your data management challenges

No matter whether you’re looking for help with implementation of best practices or require backup and recovery support, our team of experts have you covered with our broad range of solutions and services.

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Azure PaaS Database services
  • Azure Data Factory
  • Azure Synapse
  • Azure Purview
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Daily interactive service checks
  • Continuous service and database layer maintenance plan monitoring

By offering you a variety of industry-leading data-management tools, we can tailor our services directly to your data needs. Whether you’re an on-premise organisation, cloud-bases or hybrid, we can manage your data solutions so that you can focus on maximising success.

Discover our case studies

We are the tech company with people at heart – this means we’re passionate about delivering the transformation you need through the power of the cloud. Take a look at how we’ve worked in partnership with our clients to help them succeed with Microsoft 365.

An award-winning trusted Microsoft partner

In the UK, Advania is recognised as a full Solutions Partner for Microsoft Cloud and an Azure Expert Managed Services Provider, ranking us among the global elite of Microsoft partners.

For your business, your people make the difference. For us, it’s no different – our success is your success. With Advania, you can trust you are gaining the best support and expert advice.

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Empowering your business through data

Managed data services can help organisations streamline their data management processes and reduce operational overheads. Crucially, optimal data management helps to unlock the value of your data assets more efficiently, creating an environment where your people are empowered to achieve greater successes with the proper tools at their disposal.