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Strategy and Advisory

Plan a technology strategy that’s focused on your business and your people

When embarking on transformation programmes, each organisation faces unique challenges requiring bespoke solutions. Our strategy and advisory services are there to help you navigate those challenges, giving you a clear roadmap to success and bringing people on the journey.

The digital imperative: how you can move beyond transformation and thrive

Fast paced workplace setting. Strategy and Advisory.

Ensure success with business change

To reap the benefits of the cloud, you’ll need to transform your operating model to become faster, more agile and more collaborative. We can steer your organisation towards your goals by aligning strategy and services, and help you embrace innovation in your own unique way to bring long-term value and success.

Strategy and advisory services tailored to you

At Advania, we believe that change is about people. We take time to understand your business and culture, and tailor our services to your unique requirements. Let’s work together to draw up how your business change will happen to meet your strategic goals.

Drive people and organisational change

Our adoption and change specialists can help you embed new technology by planning and facilitating change management to make the most of your investment.

Navigate the Microsoft landscape

As a leading Microsoft partner in the UK, we’re uniquely placed to help you navigate the complex environments of Microsoft 365, Azure and Dynamics 365.

Deliver on your objectives

We can work with you to define and deliver a Microsoft 365 change management strategy that works to deliver on your organisation’s objectives.

Getting the most out of your IT investment

Choosing the right tools is half the story – you also need to get your people engaged through an effective change and adoption strategy. We can help you get the best chance of adoption of new technology and make the most of your investment with a change management strategy.

Strategy and advisory services from Advania

Discover strategy and advisory services for your organisation’s long-term success.

Navigate your organisational challenges and plan for long-term success enabled by our technical, enterprise, solutions architecture services and Microsoft 365 consultancy.

Align your organisation’s ways of working with your vision for the future, and bring your people on the journey.

A Microsoft change and adoption specialist partner

Our UK business has built a strong partnership with Microsoft – as one of the most awarded partners in the UK, we’re proud to be a Solutions Partner for Microsoft Cloud. As part of this partnership, we’ve been recognised as a specialist in Azure infrastructure and in Adoption and Change Management – testaments to our expertise in these areas.

Our customers succeed because we put them first

Advania has helped 100s of organisations with transformation and support projects, helping them succeed through the clever use of technology.

Let’s transform your organisation

Get in touch to discuss how our strategy and advisory services can help you tackle your challenges.
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