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Sustainability & Social Value

Creating sustainable value for people and the planet

Nothing is more important than contributing to a sustainable future for ourselves, each other and our world.

Committed to the clever use of technology

The IT sector has a responsibility to support sustainable development and to tackle some of the greatest challenges of our time. At Advania, we want to contribute to those goals as much as we can. We have a responsibility to combat the damaging side-effects our industry has on the planet and society, and to transform our business model into a more circular and sustainable offering.  

Answering the global call

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) represent an urgent call for sustainable action by all countries. Each of the goals focuses on a specific challenge that humanity and our planet face. Advania has identified nine SDGs as being particularly relevant to our industry. These form the basis of our sustainability report, which you can read about in more detail in our annual report. 

Advania's sustainability strategy: focus areas

Our company

  • Attractive workplace
  • Diverse, equal and inclusive environment
  • Ethical and transparent organisation
  • Climate smart operation

Our value chain

  • Responsible supply chain management
  • Responsible e-waste management 

Our offerings

  • Personal integrity and information security
  • Circular economy 
  • Digitalisation and innovation for a sustainable society 

Our society

  • Act as a positive force in society 
  • Engage with everyone to use IT as a positive force
  • Build a better world for everyone 

Our approach to social value and sustainability

We can’t achieve our goals without the passion and talent of the people who make us what we are. We’re a disability confident employer and we support everyone with a hybrid work style that prioritises flexibility and collaboration.

Across our communities in the UK and South Africa, we support charities with donations and sponsorships, as well as offering our own time through volunteering.

Knowing that today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders, we invest in the future of the workforce, committing to government-led and Microsoft-partnered youth employment programmes. 

Reducing our environmental footprint is a key Advania target, with a goal of becoming carbon net-zero by 2050. Our social value working group – with representatives from across the whole of Advania UK – monitors and measures the metrics of our activities to ensure our social value policy is effective. 

We believe that the digital world offers both risks and opportunities for sustainability, and it is our aim to be proactive in using technology to protect the environment and promote sustainable development.

Not limited to just our internal operations, we assess our suppliers and partners every six months to ensure we are working with the most innovative companies.

We can all make choices about the technology we use to influence and impact the world around us. As a longstanding and highly awarded Microsoft partner, we are inspired by its approach to sustainability and believe that technology can be a great force for good.

We’re proud signatories of the Microsoft Partner Pledge, a rallying point for businesses sharing Microsoft’s values to make more possible for people, industry and society as a whole.

We’re passionate about building a more inclusive world for all with IT, as well as reducing our IT footprint. With the constant evolution in technology, it’s never been easier to achieve this. All our people complete Microsoft’s accessibility training to understand how to achieve that inclusivity in the digital world, while technologies like Azure help us modernise and streamline.

We’re committed to empowering people to success, no matter specific individual needs. We believe that through the clever use of technology, we can build a better world for us all. 

Advania UK Gender Pay Gap Statistics for 2023

Advania is an equal pay employer, committed to the mission of closing the pay gap. We have been working hard to ensure that on a like-for-like basis, no pay disparity exists. Although the IT industry continue to struggle to achieve greater female representation, we are proud to work hard to change this narrative. 

Our pay gap is materially affected due to the reality of the difference in male and female  female representation in IT. However, we are extremely pleased to have seen positive movement in our female representation and are committed to ensuring this growth continues in the coming years.

Advania Carbon Reduction Plan

Advania is committed to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2050. In order to continue our progress and meet this goal, we have adopted a number of Carbon Reduction Plan targets, supported by carbon offsetting for the necessary residual emissions that will remain by 2050.

We have decreased our emissions by 124 tCO2e (18.96%) since 2020 – our base year – and will continue to drive positive change through our Carbon Reduction Plan.