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Build a winning culture with a modern intranet

Seamless communication is critical in the modern workplace, with more and more people working remotely or across multiple locations. Ensure information and knowledge can be shared quickly and easily to keep your operations running smoothly.


Improve employee engagement and experience

We can help you create the best intranet experience for your people and organisation with our SharePoint intranet, Fresh. Whether you’re looking for a rapid out-of-the-box SharePoint intranet to a more rich and engaging solution with additional features, we can help.

How to build a modern intranet

We can help you build a modern intranet that aligns with your strategic goals and builds towards long-term success. However, that starts by understanding your requirements and what that success looks like for you. Using this, we can get the best intranet experience up and running in a matter of weeks – on brand and fully configured for you.

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We’ll guide you through workshops to help us understand your requirements and offer best recommendations. Once you’ve decided on a solution, we’ll provide a clear and structured onboarding process showcasing your new intranet’s capabilities.

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Design and deliver

To get you up and running we’ll create your site structure ready for your content. We’ll make sure our designs match your branding needs, delivering a product that makes your people feel at home from day one.

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Training and launch

We’ll help your team get the most out of the product and equip them for content loading. We will support you to ensure a successful launch and be flexible with the amount of time your team needs until you are confident in your new intranet.

Clients we’ve helped build a winning culture with a new intranet


Working together on a tailored intranet

We might be the experts in intranets, but we still rely on your knowledge to make your intranet a success. Our delivery process has been designed to give you the best possible experience and provide the best possible outcome. Working closely with different groups of stakeholders throughout the process, we’ll ensure all opinions and requirements are considered.

Let’s make your intranet work for you

The modern intranet is more than just a communications portal. It helps to connect everyone across your organisation and is a great tool for knowledge sharing and collaboration. To obtain maximum value from your intranet, we have created some add-on packages to take your experience to the next level:

Findability (Search)

Fresh Intranet Topics Explorer (Fresh only)

Intranet governance

Multilingual intranet

Empower frontline workers

Rebrand your intranet

Support for your intranet

Take your adoption further by engaging with the wider business and benefiting from the training we offer in all our packages. Throughout the process, and once you’re up and running, our support will ensure your people are prepared, involved, and invested in your new intranet. We’ll work with you to maximise value from your investments with a structured approach to preparation, user adoption and deployment.

Looking for your next SharePoint Intranet?

We’ve partnered with Fresh to create attractive, world-class intranets that are easy to design and build. Residing in SharePoint, you can bring your Microsoft 365 channels together to form a one-stop shop for company news, employee collaboration and business-critical info that everyone needs to access.

With Fresh you get more than just a new intranet. You’re gaining a strategic partner, backed by decades of experience and with clients all over the world, to create an engaging and successful intranet.

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Discover our case studies

We are the tech company with people at heart – this means we’re passionate about delivering the transformation you need through the power of the cloud. Take a look at how we’ve worked in partnership with our clients to help them succeed with their modern workplace.

An award-winning trusted Microsoft partner

In the UK, Advania is recognised as a full Solutions Partner for Microsoft Cloud and an Azure Expert Managed Services Provider, ranking us among the global elite of Microsoft partners.

For your business, your people make the difference. For us, it’s no different – our success is your success. With Advania, you can trust you are gaining the best support and expert advice.

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Get started creating your intranet

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