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Unlock your full potential with Advania’s managed Azure services

You are the experts at doing what you do. So are we. Advania’s managed Azure service takes responsibility for the ongoing management, optimisation and protection of your cloud environment and puts our expertise to work for you. As a Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (MSP), we can help you innovate, secure and save with Azure, no matter what your vision or level of maturity in the cloud.


Managed Azure services from Advania: embrace the possibilities

Azure offers boundless possibilities allowing you to build modern applications and deliver new customer experiences. With scalability as standard, predictable costs and inbuilt security and compliance, Azure puts you in the driving seat through powerful tools and services which help you innovate faster. Operating in tight collaboration with your team, our Azure managed services offers accredited Azure expertise wherever and whenever it is most needed.

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How a managed Azure service provider helps your organisation succeed

To realise Azure’s benefits to the full requires time, skill and resources. Advania’s Managed Azure service allows you to partially or fully outsource all the complexities to our accredited experts. Being recognised as one of the leading Microsoft partners in the UK together with the assurance of our Azure Expert MSP credentials and multiple Azure Specialisations puts us among a global elite of Microsoft Azure specialist partners.

Our years of partnering with diverse organisations through their digital transformation will support you with our experience to continually optimise your platform and applications, monitor and adjust for cost and performance, and ensure robust governance as your organisation evolves. Advania’s managed Azure service is a complete solution that covers all aspects of Azure cloud management, from design and deployment to monitoring and optimisation – and as an Azure Expert MSP with more than 100 accredited Azure experts, we are recognised globally as a top-tier partner.

how Managed Azure services can help you
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Expert support whenever you need it

Our managed Azure services are operational 24/7, 365 days a year. Delivered in line with IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices and with an award-winning service desk, you can rely on our support the moment you need it. Whatever the issue, our Azure team will be on hand to address your every need, with peace of mind through our continuous monitoring of your environment.

Bring your resources and spend under control

Being cost effective is crucial to any business’ long-term viability, but it’s easy to lose track of expenditure when you sign up for services in the cloud. With our comprehensive cloud management platform and FinOps service, you’ll never lose track of your finances again, being able to track and forecast your consumption and with streamlined billing and licensing to monitor your usage.

Secure your most important data

Azure offers class-leading data security features and provides you with a vast spectrum of security tools and solutions. Have confidence in your environment’s defences with Azure’s by-design security implementations and relax with the peace of mind that trusted experts are keeping you up-to-date with the latest threat defence services.

Upgrade and modernise platforms and apps

You can take advantage of our technical account management and project resourcing immediately. We can help you manage and deliver your transformation goals with Azure, moving ever forward to cloud native services which will support your organisations strategic development.

Managed Azure service cloud operations baselines

Following the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF), we cater to the needs of every organisation using industry best practice. Whether you’re new to Azure, requiring foundational support and monitoring, or whether you need continuous governance and optimisation on a larger scale, we provide accredited expertise wherever it is needed.

In aligning our service to the CAF, our service operates across different disciplines including inventory management and visibility; operational compliance; and protection and recovery. This creates a business-aligned management baseline that establishes and maintains resource consistency across Azure, while offering an enhanced baseline of service where appropriate and desirable.

Managed Azure Cloud Operations baseline

Azure Cloud Operations Baselines

Managed Azure service tiers

With an abundance of solutions at your disposal, we want to make sure you’re getting a service tailored to your needs. That’s why we select services from across four tiers to deliver the right combination for your business.

Support, monitoring and management (Standard)

Our Standard offering supports foundational services (such as Microsoft Entra ID and Role Based Access Control) and provides 24/7 access to our experts, with continuous support and monitoring of Azure infrastructure as a service and our service management portal.

Support, monitoring and management (Premium)

Building on our Standard provision, our Premium service packages additional expertise for clients building apps and data services in Azure and covers many platforms as a service related offerings. This Premium package is particularly suited to organisations operating cloud native apps or planning to migrate to Azure away from traditional infrastructure.

Optimisation, governance and security

This service tier supports organisations to determine if the performance they desire can be achieved at a lower cost via Azure VM rightsizing and Reserved Instance opportunities. With oversight to ensure that your services continue to operate in line with your compliance objectives, we also offer regular expert review of Azure resources to validate and optimise your security posture.


Provides access to our Azure cloud solution architects and consults via ongoing or one-off engagements, with exceptional teams working on specific Azure continuous adoption projects as part of the managed service.

Achieve your sustainability goals with Azure

The environment and the future of the planet is a shared responsibility. By committing to a sustainable future, we can collectively address the damaging effects that we have on our planet.

Azure contributes to this commitment to sustainability in several ways that are easy to adopt and simple to carry out. By constantly striving to be energy efficient, and with Microsoft’s aim of normalising renewable energy across its proposition, maximum performance no longer comes at an environmental cost – aided by Azure’s investing in carbon neutral projects to compensate for its own carbon emissions.

For you and your people, resource optimisation, sustainable innovation and scalable and flexible deployment of devices and endpoints all help you achieve your sustainability goals with greater confidence.


How a managed Azure service can affect and optimise your Financial Operations (FinOps)

FinOps is the term given to the framework established between finance, IT, operational and business teams for managing your organisations’ cloud costs. Effective cost management requires engagement and a holistic understanding of the moving parts that form your cloud expenditure. A managed service provider can play a significant role in creating a clear and adaptable structure for monitoring and controlling your Azure costs.  Our Managed Azure service gives you the benefit of our expertise and knowledge to help maximise the value and optimise the cost effectiveness of your cloud investment. 

Here are a few instances of where we could help.

Expertise and experience

At Advania, we have many years’ experience of managing cloud environments and their associated costs. We understand the complexities of Azure’s cost structure and the best strategies for cost optimisation.

Budgeting and forecasting

Always proactive and looking to the future, we can support you to make decisions about your cost structure before they impact your decision making. In your day-to-day operations, we can set up alerts and notifications to monitor and analyse your spending trends and changes.

Vendor Management

As one of the UK’s most trusted Microsoft partners, we have cultivated excellent relationships with numerous vendors across the marketplace. This means we can ensure you are getting the best value for your investment and will always be informed and up to date with new cost-saving opportunities and incentives.

Training and education

Our expertise isn’t just for us – we want to share them with you. We can provide training and educate your internal teams on best FinOps principes and practices, empowering your people to contribute to your cost strategy and optimisation efforts as best as they can.

How a managed Azure service supports your application modernisation

Azure offers a range of services and tools that facilitate application modernisation. App modernisation refers to updating or transforming your existing tools and software to infuse them with modern technologies and deployment methods.

From platform as a service (PaaS) offerings, such as Azure App Service and Azure SQL Database, to integration services that assist communication and integration between multiple apps and sources, Azure has a rich toolbox of solutions aimed at app modernisation. Here’s where an expert MSP could help:

Integrating Azure DevOps

At Advania, we can assist you in developing best DevOps practices for your modernised apps. This includes support with creating and automating build, test and deployment processes and integrating Azure DevOps into your development workflow.

Security and compliance

We can help ensure that modernised apps deployed on Azure are protected by security best practices and compliance requirements. We can suggest and implement appropriate security controls, conduct regular security assessments and offer expert guidance on data protection and privacy regulations.

Modernisation planning and execution

With years of experience working with Azure for clients of all sizes and industries, our award-winning teams have intimate knowledge when it comes to the best platforms and solutions for you to work with. When it comes to modernising applications, we can share our expertise with you to ensure you are working in the most optimised, secure and cost-effective manner.

Our Azure success stories

We’re passionate about delivering the transformation that you want – but don’t just take our word for it. Here’s a few recent successes we’ve had, partnering with clients who are every bit as passionate about Azure as we are.

Finance & Insurance

Thriving in the hybrid working world with Azure. Discover how insurance brokers Tysers are able to stay ahead of the competition by adopting a cloud-first, forward-thinking infrastructure.

Public Sector

A public sector Azure platform. More than one million users benefit from our scalable, available and optimised solution, that met a growing demand for a modern and innovative platform.

Legal & Professional

Reliability, flexibility and security with Azure. Learn how a modern technology strategy with Microsoft solutions and a desire to support a geographically dispersed infrastructure led Impellam to Microsoft Azure.

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“Microsoft Azure was the clear winner for us because of the investment that’s been put into it. The scalability, the ability to manage and maintain it and the licensing model all formed part of why we wanted to go in that direction.”

Steve Jolley, CIO Tysers

Managed Azure expertise

Welcome to a world-class centre of excellence in Azure

We have been partnering with clients and helping them embrace the benefits of Azure since its launch in 2010. We’re proud to have built a genuine centre of excellence since then, which allows us to deliver Azure managed services to organisations across the world. 

With our global 24/7 service provided by more than 100 accredited Azure experts and underpinned by advanced monitoring and management tools, our service can be customised to meet your requirements, regardless of your current Azure adoption or scale.

An award-winning and trusted Microsoft partner

In the UK, Advania is a full Solutions Partner for Microsoft Cloud and an Azure Expert MSP. As the recipient of the Microsoft Partner of the Year for Customer Experience in 2022 and Partner of the Year for Education in 2023, we are among a global elite of managed service providers. For your business, your people make the difference. For us, it’s no different. Our successes are your successes, and with Advania you can trust you are gaining the best support and expert advice.

Azure Expert MSP

Additional support for your managed Azure service

At Advania, we can support every stage of your Azure journey, from strategic Azure consultancy to broader, long-term managed service. As one of the UK’s leading Microsoft partners we can also provide expert development support and continuous support on Microsoft cloud technologies, from Modern Workplace tools to the Power Platform and business applications.