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Data and AI Transformation

Innovate and accelerate with data, AI and automation services

Advanced data analytics, automation and AI capabilities are no longer restricted to expensive, specialist or industry-specific tools – they’re now in your hands. We can help you embed and manage solutions that will help you enhance performance, accelerate growth and deepen your connections with your people and customers.


The digital imperative: how you can move beyond transformation and thrive

AI processor. Data and AI Transformation

Solve business challenges with data, AI and automation

Organisations have never had so much data at their fingertips, enabling greater analysis and insights, and underpinning productivity tools powered by AI and automation. At Advania we understand the risks and the opportunities all of this offers to organisations and their people. Whatever your needs, we can help you prepare for and embed these new ways of working.

How data and AI at work can help you be future-ready

Getting to grips with your organisation’s data is the first step towards continual improvement and optimisation. With the full picture on your processes and performance, you’ll be better able to predict, react, adapt and innovate, empowering your people with the capabilities of AI and automation.

Simplify complexity

The volume, variety and velocity of data can be overwhelming. In the cloud, your data becomes more manageable and governable, with powerful insights available to any part of the business.

Automate processes

Your time is precious. With AI, critical but time-consuming processes – such as invoicing, data management and application forms – can be automated, meaning your people only need to deal with the most exceptional cases.

Accelerate innovation

Problem solving will become a natural part of your workflow. As your teams across multiple functions, such as HR, finance, marketing or customer services, begin transforming their processes, you’ll be able to enact change more easily than ever.

Your road to becoming truly data-driven

Migrating data and applications to the cloud is the foundation for modernising your organisation, breaking down siloes and democratising analytics. You’ll then be able optimise your data governance and harness the power of AI, machine learning and cloud native apps. Ultimately, you’ll be able to tap into insights that will transform your products, operations, productivity and customer relationships.

Our data and AI transformation services

We offer a range of services to help you leverage the power and opportunities of data, AI and automation.

Accelerate to the cloud with our data landing zone to establish a secure foundation for your data and analytics workloads.

Our solution puts AI-based chat technology at your teams’ fingertips, reducing the risk of sensitive data exposure via public AI chat services.

Gain enhanced visibility, control and compliance over your data estate to help ensure the accuracy, completeness, integrity and timeliness of data.

Microsoft Fabric is a unified Data and Analytics platform bringing unleashing the power of Microsoft Azure Data Services. We offer Microsoft Fabric deployment, development and training, to establish the secure data architecutre that will empower your organisation with faster time-to-insights.

Understanding structured and unstructured data, security and governance, pipelines, and reporting is an essential starting point. Our data experts will help you plan and execute on your analytics project.

Our data managed service provides accredited data experts, monitoring and optimisation for your data engineering, data science and data visualisation projects. We help accelerate your modernisation journey.

The next evolution of Microsoft productivity tools is here, from Copilot’s capabilities embedded in Office apps and Viva to the game-changing content recognition of Syntex.

Solutions Partner for Data and AI transformation

We are a Solutions Partner for Microsoft Cloud, holding all six designations including Solutions Partner for Data & AI, and Digital & App Innovation in Azure. These accreditations recognise our technical capabilities, experience and ability to deliver client success aligned to the Microsoft cloud.

As one of the most awarded Microsoft partners in the UK, our goal is to help you work smarter and more efficiently.

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Put data and AI to work

Leveraging AI and automation opens up a world of possibilities. AI now enhances your digital assistants, your employee experience and your threat defences. Encompassing so many of your daily business functions, it’s time to explore how to put AI to work for you.
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