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Keep your people safe and data protected from evolving threats

As the way people work evolves, the volume and complexity of threats is constantly increasing. We can help you plan for and manage a breadth of security and compliance issues, making it easier to keep your people and data safe.

Transform your workplace with a multi award-winning Microsoft partner

The importance of security and compliance

It’s no longer enough to leave sensitive data and systems under the protection of passive security programmes. Your most important assets need constant protection to remain secure from threats stemming from new ways of remote working and technology transformation. You can make sure you’re protected by adopting a proactive and adaptive approach to security and compliance with Advania.

Ensure you’re prepared to tackle evolving threats

Poor security and compliance can leave your organisation vulnerable to an ever-evolving scope of threats. Your data, second only to your people, can be easily compromised when left under the supervision of inadequate security measures. Don’t fall short of increasingly demanding legal and regulatory requirements when it comes to your cyber security and compliance cover.

Find the right solution for your security and compliance challenges

Our security and compliance expertise has supported hundreds of organisations in protecting their people and data. Here are some of the tools and approaches we’ve found most effective.

We can help you deploy and manage the security and compliance solutions you need to keep your data and devices secure.

Strengthening our cyber expertise to better protect you

We’ve built a strong expertise in Microsoft’s security solutions. We’re proud to be a member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA), joining an ecosystem of independent managed security providers integrating with Microsoft’s solutions to better protect our clients. As part of our Solutions Partner for Microsoft Cloud status, we hold the Security designation, along with three specialisms in Identity and Access Management, Threat Protection and Cloud Security.

Let’s secure your organisation

Explore services designed to keep your people, data and devices secure and compliant.

Let’s talk about your security and compliance challenges

Don’t wait to protect your most valuable assets from evolving threats.