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Managed Cyber Security & Compliance

Class-leading protection with our managed cyber security and compliance service

The freedom and creativity that the hybrid working world has unleashed also gives rise to increased threats from cyber criminals and threat actors. You need a cyber security and compliance strategy that keeps pace not only with your vision but with the rapidly evolving dangers that threaten your goals. Advania’s cyber security and compliance teams offer the protection your business deserves and the oversight your people demand.

How managed cyber security supports your evolving needs

Cyber attacks are on the rise, with threat actors using every tool and tactic available to them to breach business defences. Poor security is now a legitimate business concern. Advania can assess your current threat landscape and ensure your IT operations are suitably protected and that your data is defended against sudden attack or loss. With real-time detection and response, you’ll never again be left in the dark about your security but be in pole position to remediate concerns as they arise.

A comprehensive approach to cyber security and compliance tailored to you

Your business is unique to you and your security arrangements and needs are different to others. We understand that, and our cyber security and compliance teams can advise you not only on the tools and solutions you need to protect and secure your valued data, but can address broader considerations like mobility, compliance, information governance and hybrid working needs. Working together, we’ll define a strategy and approach which we can design and implement for your organisation.

Security that flexes and scales with your organisation

Our market-leading cyber security services have been designed to offer you a solution that fits your requirements and answers your business challenges. Although our experts will partner with you to provide tailor-made solutions where possible, it’s helpful to know what your options are when considering your security posture.

Remediate your security weaknesses before threats exploit them -
vulnerability management

Every organisation faces a mammoth challenge in identifying vulnerabilities and remediating them in a timely fashion. Vulnerability Management is a key discipline in ensuring the most important vulnerabilities are prioritised and closed out in a timely manner. Our Vulnerability Management service assumes the responsibility of taking the outputs of a vulnerability discovery solution (such as our Managed Vulnerability Scanning Service), and then evaluating the risk using multiple factors, such as the criticality of the technology, real time threat indicators, severity and exposure of the vulnerability and objectives set by you. On completion of the evaluation, a prioritised remediation plan is formed each month with a Vulnerability Manager ensuring that the appropriate remediation team has received the instruction and ensuring that remediation is carried out to proactively reduce your attack surface on a recurring basis. Frequent touchpoints and monthly reporting ensure you are always up to date on progress and the value being delivered against the agreed objectives.

Holistic threat detection and rapid response – cyber security operations centre (CSOC)

A cyber security operations centre (CSOC) is the central nervous system of an organisation’s threat protection structure. Our dedicated CSOC service is managed by our cyber security experts who will work on your behalf to deploy sophisticated detection and response tools. Our CSOC offers you 247, 365-day, cost-effective protection and rapid detection of intrusion and attacks. Our CSOC is fully aligned with regulatory standards including GDPR,  ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials PLUS.

Managed Detection and Response

The need to be prepared for any stage of a cyber attack is often negated by the realities of budget constraints that many businesses feel. If you don’t have capacity for broad scale CSOC coverage, our Managed Detection and Risk service may be the answer. Providing 24/7 monitoring and access to our deep cyber expertise, it will systematically detect cyber breaches and quickly contain the impact on one of your most exposed perimeters – your end user devices, dealing with the problem where it is most likely to start.

We’re proud to protect and prepare some of the most forward-thinking organisations

Managed assurance service: prevent the largest cyber risks with proactive security

Most cyber breaches are financially motivated, with a particular concentration on a small number of risk factors that massively contribute to the success of a breach. Ransomware is by far the biggest threat to businesses. Many ransomware attacks can be avoided with basic cyber hygiene, such as making sure you are not exposing well known security vulnerabilities to the world and ensuring your people have continuous good awareness, looking for simple signs of impending attacks through leaked credentials.
Advania’s managed assurance service is a key risk focused suite of activities that seeks to continuously improve your security posture so you can avoid costly breaches.

Managed vulnerability scanning: reduce the burden on your IT team by prioritising highest-risk vulnerabilities

Are you concerned that your IT teams are overwhelmed with patching everything and not focused on the severest of vulnerabilities? Our managed vulnerability scanning service takes away the burden of identifying and prioritising ongoing vulnerabilities across your devices, networks, including routers, firewalls, servers and web apps. Prioritisation factors do not include the typical severity ratings from vendors but also from active exploitation threat intelligence. Scanning your assets for more than 130,000 vulnerabilities, we can help to satisfy regulatory and compliance requirements while reducing the risks of attack from third-party apps and services.

Cyber threat intelligence: get ahead of cyber attacks before they inevitably occur

As cliche as it is, prevention is better than cure – and it is certainly less costly. Threats are evolving at such a rare that our defences need to continuously scale to keep up. Relying on preventions, detection and response is key but is challenging to sustain against the non-stop evolution of threat trends, tactics and techniques. The sheer volume of threat groups also means keeping tabs on every threat actor and their methods is difficult, if not impossible. Focusing on the threats that are most relevant to you brings significant efficiencies and provides a proactive footing against impending threats and cyber attacks.
Advania’s cyber threat intelligence service provides early warning of impending threat activity across the deep, dark and surface web, collecting billions of signals and triaging the data into succinct pieces of intelligence that you and your Security Teams can consume to better prepare and defend against attacks.

You mean business –
so do we

That’s why we’re accredited and certified across multiple standards. We practice what we preach. Robust security policies and compliance procedures are essential to your organisation, so why would we be any different? We are proud to have built up a strong identity within the cyber industry, meaning you can trust that the advice we give is the most up-to-date, most expert and most reliable.

An award-winning trusted Microsoft partner

In the UK, Advania is recognised as a full Solutions Partner for Microsoft Cloud and an Azure Expert Managed Services Provider, ranking us among the global elite of Microsoft partners.

For your business, your people make the difference. For us, it’s no different – our success is your success. With Advania, you can trust you are gaining the best support and expert advice.

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For your business, your people make the difference. For us, it’s no different. Our successes are your successes, and with Advania you can trust you are gaining the best support and expert advice.