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What’s new in M365? February 2024 Roadmap highlights

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Each month, our M365 PACE experts take a look at what’s on the cards for Microsoft 365 users. In this blog, we’re sharing our highlights from the new features coming to the Microsoft 365 Roadmap in.

Microsoft Teams: Intelligent Recap for Copilot users

(Microsoft Roadmap ID 375760)

With the release of Copilot for Microsoft 365 for customers of all sizes on all licence agreements, it’s exciting to see new features coming to the roadmap for the new artificial intelligence (AI) companion.

Intelligent meeting recap provides an AI-powered summary of your Teams meeting. Credit: Microsoft.

This month, Copilot users will be able to access intelligent recap after Microsoft Teams meetings to get a summary of the meeting. The summary includes:

  • Personalised timeline markers to easily browse the recordings by when you joined or left, when a screen was shared, and when your name was mentioned
  • Browse recordings by speakers, chapters, and topics
  • Access AI-generated meeting notes, tasks, and jump to name mentions in the transcript

Microsoft Teams: forward chat messages

(Microsoft Roadmap ID 90585)

For all Microsoft Teams users, a new feature is being rolled out now, which allows you to share a message with another colleague by right clicking the message or selecting the three dots and then selecting ‘Forward’.

Not only can you forward messages quickly from one chat to another, but you can also add additional content to the message, providing context and clarity for the recipient. Messages can be forwarded to both 1:1 chats and group chats.

Audio and video flyout and settings in Teams meetings 

(Microsoft Roadmap ID 187098)

Microsoft is adding an audio and video flyout to Teams meetings, making it easier and more efficient for users to manage their audio and video settings during meetings.

Loop components enable collaboration in Microsoft Teams channels. Credit: Microsoft.

You can easily toggle features on and off with visual indicators for both audio and video settings. This means you no longer need to navigate deep into the settings menu to make a quick adjustment. If you didn’t select your background during the pre-join screen, you can easily change it directly from the camera fly-out during the meeting.

Microsoft is also making avatars accessible from the camera flyout, so you can change your video to an avatar in meetings. Other settings include brightness and soft focus of your camera.

Domain activity report for admins

(Microsoft Roadmap ID 370565)

Microsoft is rolling out an external domain activity report in Teams admin centre. The external domain activity report will show Teams administrators which domains their users communicate with. It’s available for both those with open federation on and those with explicit allow lists.

SharePoint Premium: translation 

(Microsoft Roadmap ID 161828)

Microsoft is rolling out a new translation feature in SharePoint Premium, an advanced content management and experiences platform, the next evolution for Syntex.

Screenshot of search results in Microsoft Teams. Credit: Microsoft

The translation service enables users to translate documents quickly and accurately among dozens of languages based on specific metadata or on demand. Users will be able to translate files while preserving the original format and structure of the file.

Translation in SharePoint Premium can be completed on different file types either manually or automatically by creating a rule. Custom glossaries and models can also be used to improve the quality and consistency of your translations.

Microsoft Viva: Stories public preview

(Microsoft Roadmap ID 101514)

Microsoft Viva’s Stories are being launched in public preview now, allowing everyone across your organisation to share updates, experiences, vision and perspective  using short videos or photos on their storyline.

Stories are a new way to express yourself authentically among your communities. They can reach and engage people throughout your organisation across Viva Engage, Teams and Outlook.

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