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Understand your organisation’s risks and vulnerabilities

Take a proactive approach to your cyber security to strengthen your defences against hackers and other cyber threats.

An attacker’s perspective of your cyber security

Our penetration testing (pen testing) services are a security assessment of your organisation’s cyber security posture and situation. Penetration testing is designed to uncover and validate specific issues within your critical assets in scope, allowing us to then help you address them.


How can penetration testing help you?

Our penetration test teams behave just like the attackers trying to get inside your organisation every day. Whether you want assurance that these attackers won’t be able to steal customer data, gain domain administrator access or modify sensitive salary information, our proactive approach will help you understand your threats and vulnerabilities.

Certified and accredited InfoSec Partner

Our penetration testing services are accredited to exacting criteria set by CREST and CHECK, with ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certification ensuring quality end to end delivery with a proven capability in securing sensitive information.

Dedicated expert penetration testing team

Our specialist security consultants don’t just use automated tools to identify threats and vulnerabilities, but also apply experience and intelligence to assess the risk and importance of threats to your business.

Easy-to-follow reports and recommendations

The output of problems detected from a pen test can seem overwhelming, but our easy-to-follow reports explain the issues in both plain English and in a greater technical depth. The reports also include clear recommendation guidance to help remediate any vulnerabilities identified.

Our penetration testing services

We offer a range of penetration testing designed to test your environments. With the help of our cyber security experts, you can ensure your information, intellectual property and reputation remain intact.

Network penetration testing

Network penetration testing ensures your information assets are secure from both internal and external attacks, preventing any malicious activity on your networks. Our experts will identify issues and vulnerabilities before they have an impact on your operations.

Application penetration testing

Web applications are becoming increasingly common, making their security and integrity critical. Discover whether your weaknesses in your web applications could result in compromise of sensitive data, regulatory sanctions, financial losses, fraud, reputation damage or loss of productivity.

Wireless penetration testing

While wireless solutions offer greater flexibility for your people, there is a greater potential for attack. Our wireless penetration testing provides you with the assurance that your wireless network is secure.

Mobile penetration testing

Mobile applications make it easy to communicate and work in new environments, but they do need to communicate with web services or store sensitive data locally. With mobile penetration testing, you can ensure your mobile applications don’t provide attackers with an exposed surface.

Discover our case studies

We are the tech company with people at heart – this means we’re passionate about delivering the transformation you need through the power of the cloud. Take a look at how we’ve worked in partnership with our clients to help them succeed.

Simulate real-world threats with red teaming

How well can your organisation withstand a targeted cyber attack? How effective are your security controls and incident response capabilities in the face of a sophisticated adversary? How do you measure and improve your cyber resilience? Red teaming can help you answer these questions.

Red teaming is a form of ethical hacking that simulates real-world threats to test your security posture, identify gaps, and provide actionable recommendations.

Red teaming services pen testing

Objective-led penetration testing

Rather than focusing on specific systems or applications, this approach focuses on an objective – a breach scenario your organisation is most concerned about. This approach does not limit itself in how it achieves its objective and typically includes a combination of techniques such as social engineering to build an attack like a real threat would.

Red teaming

Red teaming is focused on replicating real world threats, which have distinct motivations, capabilities and opportunity focused on specific industries, countries, and types of businesses. Our experts can replicate tactics, techniques and procedures based on threat intelligence to help you understand how susceptible you are to a highly relevant threat to your business. Red teaming also helps you understand the efficacy of your defensive team’s ability to detect and respond to a real-world threat.

Purple teaming

Purple teaming takes a highly collaborative approach where the red team carries out a threat simulation with your blue team following every step of the way. Each team learns from the process and results in better defences being built as well as better attacks to evade detection. The key benefit is learning as the simulation is unfolding for a quicker understanding and quicker remediation to defences as it’s happening in near real time.

An award-winning trusted Microsoft partner

We work tirelessly to uphold the strong standing that we have built within the cyber security industry. This is why we will always be up to date with all accreditations and certifications to demonstrate our expertise.
  • Member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA)
  • Accreditations including ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 certifications
  • Solutions Partner for Microsoft Cloud, including specialisations in Threat Detection and Identity and Access Management under our Security designation
  • Service excellence awards
Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner badge

Take a proactive approach to your security

Our accredited penetration testing services can help you secure your defences against threat actors.