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What is Nintex?

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Nintex is the global leader in workflow and content automation. The easy to use, point-and-click functionality of their workflow automation software has given every organisation from SME’s to massive Enterprise organisations the ability to take everything from basic business functions to company-wide processes with a few clicks to the next level. As a result of deep integrations with Office 365 and Microsoft technologies, Nintex have been awarded Microsoft Partner of the year for SharePoint and Office 365 Application Development.

A bit of background

With over 7,000 enterprise clients, 1,700 partners across 90 countries, it’s clear to see why Nintex are the market leaders in process and workflow automation worldwide. Advania are one of 3 premier Nintex Partners in the UK, and Finalist for Partner of the Year in 2017. We have designed and built a wide range business critical solutions, from allowing all production companies to submit ideas from pen and paper to your TV screens for the BBC, HR Appraisal Systems and New User automation solutions for starter and leavers, to name but a few.

Over 1 billion Nintex Workflows run each year

Nintex has over 1 billion workflows running each year, which on average save 3 minutes every time they are run, and over time, that equates to 16 days of productivity per customer per year. That’s pretty impressive when put into context.

Nintex provides a suite of tools that give businesses the ability to automate business-critical processes through Nintex Workflow and Forms, giving them not only time back, but critical intelligence into how they can improve and save time through advanced data analytics.

With the release of Nintex Workflow Cloud, the platform has come a long way since its inception. The cloud-based platform connects with all content repositories, systems of record, and people throughout an organisation to consistently fuel successful business outcomes.

The tight integrations with Office 365 and SharePoint mean that organisations can get the best of both worlds – the tools and applications to enable greater collaboration and productivity, and the ability to get more done with fewer problems, in less time.

Introduction to the Nintex Suite of products

Every employee at some point or another (and they would be lying if they said otherwise) has raised questions or issues with their everyday process constraints that they must work within. In many cases these can seem like highly over-complicated process steps to getting even the simplest of tasks completed.

Moving into a digital working world, however, has seen the rise of many tools that work towards making everyday tasks and processes simpler. These tools free up the time of the average employee, enabling them to be more productive, and spend less time being yet another chink in the ever-growing, and laborious process chain.

The Nintex Workflow Platform is a solution that champions the power of digital workflow automation. Like other workflow automation tools, the suite enables users to turn previously time-consuming tasks into something simple, and wider company processes into a well-oiled automated process machine.

Nintex Workflow:

In larger Enterprise organisations, every single day there are hundreds if not thousands of processes, tasks and steps that need to be taken to drive output.

Nintex Workflows allow you to easily automate simple business processes and critical business wide systems without the need of code. The workflow tool can transform long winded manual processes into an efficient automated process that permits employees to spend more time doing what they are actually employed to do.

If you have Office 365, Nintex also allows you to build Office 365 workflows quickly and efficiently. The workflows for Office 365 are intuitive. With a browser based drag and drop designer, you can automate a link between your structured and unstructured content across Office 365 and your systems of record, tackling everything from specialised tasks in a specific department, to wider company procedures and systems.

It’s important here not to forget the capabilities Nintex brings to SharePoint workflows. With seamless integration with the application, these workflows enhance rather than replaces existing SharePoint investments. Nintex workflows directly interact with SharePoint data, so there is no need for importing, exporting, or finding the ‘middle man’ to bridge the gap.

Nintex Forms:

Mundane processes are the bugbear for any employee within an organisation. Having multiple locations and channels to complete simple tasks such as a leave request to HR, submitting travel expenses to the finance department or raising a ticket with an internal help desk can take up valuable productive time. Ultimately, forms make it easier to ensure that the right data goes to the right place and does not get lost in the ether.

Nintex Forms for SharePoint allow any organisation to create SharePoint forms, that work across any device, with sophisticated business logic and rich HTML formatting. Connecting directly to data in SharePoint, SharePoint forms can then be used to turn traditional workflows into sophisticated business applications, triggering tasks and actions.

When combined with Nintex Workflow, forms for Office 365 enables an organisation to deliver a workflow and content automation solution that allows you to move away from simple data gathering and create robust, integrated and automated processes that improve the day-to-day interactions between departments.

Nintex Mobile:

Nintex Mobile allows your business to start, edit and approve business process from anywhere on any device. This is important for those businesses with work that isn’t based in an office, or a manager on the go, who isn’t in front of a computer all day. With the ability to operate in line with on-premises of cloud based technology, Nintex Mobile can access and process both SharePoint and Office 365 workflows on and offline. The offline capabilities of Nintex Mobile allow all forms to be stored securely on any device until a user comes back online.

Nintex App Studio:

With mobile devices being used on a day to day basis across the majority of businesses, having an app that has a single button to get access key business solutions seems like it should be the new norm. With the Nintex App Studio, organisations can now empower their mobile workforce with workflow apps tailored to their specific departmental requirements.

Custom mobile applications can be deployed across the Nintex Workflow Cloud, on-premises SharePoint environments and Office 365. To make things even more straight forward, the delivery of apps to business users can be completed within minutes via the cloud, or within Mobile Device Management software.

The Nintex App Studio allows you to deploy any app across all major mobile platforms including; iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Nintex Hawkeye:

Nintex Hawkeye gives any business an intelligent and insightful overview of business process portfolios across the whole Nintex Workflow Suite. Hawkeye can help gain a great insight into the size and scale of workflows across any given organisation. With this data, informed decisions can then be made regarding the migration of workflows and how to best deploy them, and into which departments.

From seeing how long it takes departments to complete a process from end to end, compared to how long it takes, this can provide a clear insight into costs and value added in productive time saved.

IT can use Nintex Hawkeye to see how many workflows are running, where they are being used most or not at all to further refine the automation process.

Nintex Document Generation:

Millions of transactions take place every single day using paper. Having to create multiple versions of the same document over and over and over again is a pretty painful task at the best of times. Not to mention the amount of productive time that is effectively wasted each day completing this task.

Nintex Document Generation allows you to simplify the creation of documentation using the same data as you are currently using, but removing many of the (painful) manual steps in the process, improving business lifecycle by automatically generation documents in Word, PowerPoint and PDF formats – the bottom line here is that it helps to alleviate human error, improving information accuracy, productivity and helping to deliver a better customer experience all round.

The seamless integration with Office 365 or SharePoint enables Nintex Document Generation to take your workflows and business automation to the next level. Users now have the ability to provide high quality documents to customers and between departments quickly and easily, ensuring consistency and accuracy across the board.

Nintex Drawloop Document Generation allows you to generate documents from any custom or standard SalesForce object at the simple click of a button. At a very high level it simplifies the creation of Sales quotes, proposals and service documents directly from your CRM.

So, there you have it. That’s the Nintex Platform in a nutshell.

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