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We’re a Solutions Partner – what Microsoft’s new designations mean for you 

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If you’ve visited our website in recent weeks, you might have noticed something different: we’re no longer referring to ourselves as a Microsoft Gold Partner. Instead, Content+Cloud is now a Microsoft Solutions Partner across five Microsoft Solutions.  
We’re also a Specialist Partner across Modern Work, Security, Azure and Business Applications, and are still an Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (MSP).  
So, what does this change mean for you – and what’s the reason behind the change?   

What is the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program?  

Until the end of September, at Content+Cloud we were a Gold Partner to Microsoft, a status that assured customers of the depth and breadth of our capabilities and our commitment to their success. However, this has now changed.   

On 3 October, the Microsoft Partner Network evolved into the new Microsoft Cloud Partner Program, reflecting a priority on cloud computing and helping every organisation realise their digital imperative 

For partners such as Content+Cloud, this meant a change to the badges we can be awarded by Microsoft and display to our customers.  

Partners can now attain ‘Solutions Partner’ designation in six specific areas to align more closely with modern client needs and communicate the value our services bring.   

So, why the change? As customer requirements evolve, Microsoft’s expectations of its partners are changing too. Microsoft has streamlined and rejuvenated its Partner Program, focusing on solution capabilities. The new model provides three levels of qualification: Solutions Partner, Specialist Partner and Expert MSP. Here at Content+Cloud we are exceptionally proud to have achieved all three levels of accreditation.   

The six Solution Partner designations are:  

  • Security  
  • Modern Work  
  • Business Applications   
  • Data and AI (Azure)  
  • Infrastructure (Azure)  
  • Digital and App Innovation (Azure)  

With six focused designations mapped to a Microsoft solution area, this represents a simplification from the 18 legacy competencies that partners could previously carry.   

What is a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner?  

Being designated as a Solutions Partner allows organisations to demonstrate to clients the breadth of their capabilities and customer success delivery in specific solution areas.  

More importantly for you, the new solutions mean it’s easier than ever to identify partners with experience and proven ability in the areas that matter.   

Eligibility for a Solution Partner designation is based on an organisation’s Partner Capability Score, which is informed by its performance in three areas: performance, skilling and customer success.  


What Solutions Partner designation does Advania have?   

Advania has already earned five of the six possible Solution Partner designations, maintaining our position as one of the most highly awarded Microsoft partners in the UK.  

We’re proud to have been designated as a Solutions Partner for:  

  • Data and AI (Azure)  
  • Digital and App Innovation (Azure)  
  • Infrastructure (Azure)  
  • Modern Work  
  • Security  

These designations demonstrate Advania’s capabilities, experience and ability to deliver client success aligned to the Microsoft Cloud.   

We’ve also received a range of Specialist designations in Infrastructure, Modern Work and Security – view the full list of our Solution and Specialist designations on our Microsoft Partnership page.  


What do the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program changes mean for you?   

The short answer is that nothing has changed. Advania continues to provide some of the broadest, deepest capabilities in Microsoft technology to organisations looking to answer today’s digital imperatives.  

The long answer is slightly more nuanced – but just as positive.  

In addition to our core commitment to customer success – evidenced by being crowned Microsoft 2022 Partner of the Year in Customer Service Experience – these new designations and specialisations confirm us as one of Microsoft’s most trusted UK partners and reassure our clients that we will work with them to leverage the most out of Microsoft technologies.   

Many organisations can’t keep up with the fast-evolving landscape of the three Microsoft Clouds, resulting in them not achieving their full potential with the tools available to them. That’s why we exist. As a partner across five solutions, Advania can ensure your organisation takes full advantage – and gets ahead.  

Being a Microsoft partner – taking the Partner Pledge  

Being a long-term partner to Microsoft is about more than capabilities – it’s also about a shared commitment to improving our world for everyone.   

We are proud to have signed the Microsoft Partner Pledge, its rallying point for businesses to share in its values and make more possible for people, industry and society as a whole.   

The pledge encompasses three themes based on core values: to grow talent in our industry; to enhance diversity and inclusion; and to shape a desirable world.  

As one of the UK’s leading Microsoft partners, we’re proud signatories of the pledge and are committed to its principles.   

Content+Cloud as your Microsoft Partner 

We are excited to be entering this new phase as a Microsoft partner. For more information on Content Cloud’s partner status – and how this can benefit you – visit our Microsoft Partnership page.

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