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How managed services can help you tackle your IT challenges

Advania blog- Managed Services can tackle IT services
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Organisations are facing mounting IT challenges in the current landscape. How do you begin to tackle them while still working towards your own ambitions? In this blog, we explore some of the urgencies organisations might be facing and how a managed service provider (MSP) can help. 

Technologies, and our expectations of them, are advancing at a rapid pace. Organisations have seen that for themselves, needing to adapt as the working world changed seemingly overnight.  

As an MSP, we work with organisations to support their users and help them move towards digital maturity. This is no longer about being ambitious or visionary – it’s become critical to keep up with the pace of change to meet the needs of your users, employees, stakeholders and more. However, that’s not always an easy feat. There are many challenges that stand in the way.  

Common challenges IT and business leaders are facing today

Financial imperatives

In the current economic climate, organisations are having to make tough financial decisions. Budgets are tightening for everyone, but demands are not changing. This brings a challenge if you’re looking to bring down costs without negatively impacting your outputs.  

This is at the heart of what Microsoft has described as the digital imperative to do more with less. It doesn’t mean you need to be working harder or longer. That isn’t sustainable. It’s about you understanding what is most valuable to your business, understanding what you can deliver, and where technology can help you streamline, automate and amplify what you do.   

Complex security demands

An equally high priority for organisations is security. Threat actors have more scope than ever in an increasingly digital world. We’re seeing an increase in not only the volume but also the sophistication of cyber attacks in recent years.  

It’s not hard to see why this is a worry: data is your organisation’s most important asset after its people. The scope of these attacks can reach far beyond the security measures a typical organisation could establish independently. 

Keeping up with evolving technology

It’s not just security that is difficult for organisations to keep up with. Recruiting, training and retaining skilled IT teams of your own is a costly and time-consuming task in any environment. However, with all of the pressures the IT labour market has been facing in recent months, it’s become an even bigger challenge. Is this something you want to be spending time and money on when there are alternatives available? 

How can a managed services provider help you tackle your IT challenges?

Managed services support organisations in not only providing IT services for their most pressing needs, but also in their continuous evolution toward digital maturity.   

As an MSP, our mission is to give you the expertise and capacity that allow your people to focus on activities that deliver value. We work closely with organisations to support their users, secure their data, help them to embrace innovation and realise their ambitions.  

Here are a few ways an MSP can help you deliver the greatest value for your business.  

Optimise your IT spend

For organisations that are facing cost challenges, an MSP can help you move to more flexible models, giving you the opportunity to put some of that investment elsewhere. Whether you’re delivering services internally or coming to the end of a contract, there are savings to be made.  

One way we can support organisations to optimise costs is by optimising and modernising your cloud environment. For example, at Advania, our Technical Account Managers take the time to help you to understand the current landscape, align your cloud journey to your business needs, and define and drive your optimisation with you. We can empower you to do more with less, whether you are optimising existing cloud use or modernising your environment.  

Our Azure managed cloud services can help you get the most out of your investment thanks to the exclusive benefits we can leverage with our Azure Expert MSP status, as well as the broad knowhow we can bring, as demonstrated by our multiple Microsoft Solutions Partner designations 

Expert managed IT support

Organisations might look to an MSP to harness technology that they wouldn’t be able to alone, whether that’s bringing in specialist skills or handling resource-heavy services. For some, it could be about expanding their capabilities with the help of a larger IT team; for others, it could mean getting the support of an MSP with the right expertise in modernising their workplace. 

If you’re finding it hard to navigate the IT labour market, outsourcing some of your IT to an MSP can provide you with the support and resources you might be lacking. It can relieve the pressure on your team to focus on activities that matter to your organisation. 

Whether it’s a support desk or a hands-on Microsoft 365 specialist, working with an MSP gives you the quickest access to the expertise you need. Unlike internal teams, an MSP can work 24/7. With around-the-clock network monitoring and security operations, you can rest assured that services are performing reliably and safely. 

At Advania, we recognise that the true value of an MSP goes beyond simply outsourcing your IT activity. A good MSP will help you to evolve and innovate by working with you to understand what value means to your organisation, creating an operating plan that will bring you long-term success. 

Hear more about how our managed services have helped insurance group Inigo with its continuous evolution and plan for long-term success at our Digital Revolution³ event. Watch the session with David Couzens and Inigo CIO Erdal Atakan on demand now. 

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