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How to do more with less: Microsoft 365 and maximising possibilities

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In the current climate of financial instability, organisations need more than ever to find innovative ways to cut costs and remove barriers to collaboration and productivity. The need to to improve efficiency and optimise the technologies required for modern hybrid working has led many businesses to adopting Microsoft 365.  

Across almost every industry, organisations are stretched as they emerge from the challenges of the pandemic into a vastly different working world. Hybrid working has forced many businesses into a total rethink of their operational model often requiring vast, unplanned shifts in longstanding processes.  

More recently, worldwide shortages and shrinking economies have placed huge challenges on budgets and available resources. 

To counter this, organisations have had to find ways to significantly cut costs and improve communication, collaboration and productivity, while ensuring the safety of data through device and endpoint security.  

These critical aims form a core part of what Microsoft describes as the digital imperative – the need to infuse every facet of business with technology and harness its power to do more with less.   

How your technology can improve collaboration in the workplace 

Doing more with less isn’t about overworking your employees and pushing them to their limit. It’s about working with the correct technology and giving your people the tools they need to communicate, collaborate and be the best they can be in the modern workplace. 

Microsoft 365 is a powerful suite of tools which provide all you need to rise to today’s operational challenges. With innovative Office apps, intelligent cloud services and world-class security, Microsoft 365 can steer your organisation on the path to do more with less.  

Cybersecurity and Microsoft 365 

One of the greatest threats to businesses today is cybersecurity. With an ever-increasing army of threat actors finding new ways to harm organisations and bring business to a standstill, it is vital to improve security to protect you and your data.  

With hybrid working giving rise to an increase in a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ model to offices around the world, Microsoft 365 provides businesses with the tools to transform from a ‘trusting all devices’ on-site model to a zero-trust model in a timely fashion. Tools such as Microsoft Defender Application Guard and Device Guard provide features which protect against old and new threats and protect your organisation from cyber attacks.  

Guarding against continuous cyber threats not only keeps your people and data safe, it reduces the financial and reputational implications of costly data breaches and security lapses.  

Endpoint management as a protective tool 

A second challenge facing organisations today is endpoint management. With employees needing to access their data at any time from multiple devices, from any location, organisations need a secure and long-term management strategy in place. Microsoft offers a variety of options, with Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows 365 and Intune all adaptable to meet your specific needs.  

These solutions enable you to manage all company devices and provide greater flexibility and control over your IT environment, managing device security and user permissions on a real-time basis, and giving you the best opportunity to ensure your applications and devices are protected. 

Improve collaboration in the workplace with Microsoft Viva 

The modern workplace also requires collaboration to be as easy as possible.  

This is where Microsoft 365 shines, with a fleet of tools designed specifically to optimise efficiency and teamworking. With Microsoft Office apps, Viva and Teams, the entire working world is now a moveable, flexible space with an always-on approach, constantly striving to use technology to improve collaboration in the workplace.   

Microsoft Teams offers unparalleled collaborative possibility, thanks to its seamless integration with the wider Microsoft suite. There’s no need to switch apps to work on a live document, share it with colleagues or offer real-time review and feedback; Teams takes the complication out of collaborating with multiple people on multiple projects, and allows you to focus fully on the task at hand. 

Microsoft Viva, on the other hand, provides the insights and tools you need to create an optimum employee experience that connects and empowers your people right within Microsoft 365. 

Bringing together communication, knowledge-sharing, learning and resources, Viva makes it easy for your workforce to grow and develop, providing opportunities for learning and improvement in broad and specialised skills.  

Do more with less with your Microsoft 365 technologies 

As collaboration becomes second nature, and as people grow beyond the scope of their own work, your organisation will benefit too. Productivity and employee satisfaction go hand in hand, and Microsoft 365 brings the employee experience and the tools for collaborative working to life in innovative and exciting ways.  

Although the benefits of Microsoft 365 are clear, we know that it can be a struggle for organisations to understand how to effectively implement their chosen solutions and employ technology to improve collaboration in the workplace. With the guidance and knowledge of Advania’s experts, you will learn not only to measure your return on investment for your particular Microsoft solution but how to make Microsoft 365 work for you. 

Need a hand getting the most out of your digital working environment?

At Advania, we can support you in implementing Microsoft Viva and offer expert advice on whether you can benefit from the entire Viva suite or a particular module such as Engage. Better yet, if you need a quick roll out of the technology in just a few days, we can get the job done with our FastStart service.

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