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Advania releases group sustainability report for 2022

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Advania has released its group sustainability report for 2022, featuring Content+Cloud for the first time as part of the group.

The Advania Group Sustainability Report 2022 provides a comprehensive overview of the group’s commitment to sustainability, workplace practices, diversity and transparency. It outlines Advania’s role in promoting ethical business operations within the IT industry, all the more important as the group continues its growth journey.

In the report, Advania recognises that digitalisation and the IT sector are important to sustainable development, helping to tackle economic, social and environmental challenges. In order to do its part, the group has identified sustainable development goals most relevant to its business, making them the foundation of a new sustainability strategy.

The group updated its sustainability strategy during the year based on a new materiality analysis, including the most significant social, environmental and economic aspects from the value chain. This strategy now strengthens the operations of both the group and its clients, with four focuses: the company, value chain, offerings and society.

In this video, Advania Group CEO Hege Støre shares her thoughts on the group’s sustainability efforts from 2022 and ambitions for the future.

Geoff Kneen, Content+Cloud CEO said: “I am thrilled that Content+Cloud is a part of Advania’s group sustainability report for the first time this year. Over the past year, we’ve taken some big steps regarding social value and sustainability. We appointed a Sustainability Lead to keep us on track of our commitments, encouraged female talent with the Women Rising programme and supported digital innovation for our clients with a new strategic consulting service for Azure cloud adoption.”

“The report reflects our renewed commitment to ethical business practices and fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace as part of the Advania group. As we continue on our journey, being part of the group gives us a collective vision for making our world better.”

At Content+Cloud, we’re committed to social value – it’s at the heart of what we do as a responsible, ethical business. Our mission is to empower organisations and their people to succeed, which includes delivering real value and impact for the local economy, climate change, wellbeing and equality. You can find out more about what we do for our people, responsible processes and social responsibility on our social value page.

We’re proud to be a signatory of the Microsoft Partner Pledge, which rallies together businesses that share Microsoft’s values to making more possible for people, industry and society as a whole. It comes as part of our long-standing partnership with Microsoft, which inspires our approach to sustainability.

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