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Microsoft Teams Voice: make calling simple with VoIP

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Microsoft Teams is a staple for hybrid working, but it can also extend beyond just connecting your people – Microsoft Teams Voice makes it possible to make and receive calls from the same tool. In this blog, we’re rounding up our top ten reasons for choosing Microsoft Teams Voice as your modern calling solution.

Working from home has become the standard for many of us, and Microsoft Teams acts as a lifeline for staying connected and productive. Whether it’s chatting with colleagues, sharing files, or having online meetings, Teams makes it easy and seamless. But sometimes you just need to make a good old-fashioned phone call. And that’s where Microsoft Teams Voice comes in.

Teams Voice is a feature that lets you make and receive voice calls over the internet using your Microsoft 365 account. It’s also known as VoIP calling, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol.

Why use Microsoft Teams Voice instead of a regular phone line?

Well, for starters, it’s cheaper, more flexible, and more secure. You can make calls from any device that has the Teams app, such as your laptop, mobile, or tablet. You can use a Microsoft certified device, such as a headset or a desk phone, that connects to your PC and uses Teams as the dialler.

With Teams Voice, you and your customers can enjoy high-quality, reliable, and secure phone calls, with all the added benefits of Teams and Microsoft 365.

With Teams Voice, you can keep your existing phone number or get a new one from Microsoft or your own provider. You can also choose between a calling plan or direct routing, depending on how you want to manage your calls and costs. And if you already have a public switched telephone network (PSTN) system in place, you can integrate it with Teams Voice and extend your reach to landlines as well.

Teams Voice is more than just a phone service. It’s a way to enhance your communication and collaboration with Microsoft Teams. You can access all your contacts, chats, and files from one place, and switch between voice and video calls with ease. You can also use advanced features like voicemail, call forwarding, call recording and auto attendants.

Microsoft Teams Voice is the ultimate VoIP calling solution

Teams Voice leverages the power of the internet and Microsoft 365 to make and receive voice calls. It works seamlessly with your existing Microsoft 365 apps, especially Teams.

You can easily switch from your traditional phone system to Teams Voice without losing your current business number or your private branch exchange features. You can also choose how to manage your calls and costs, with flexible options like Calling Plan or Direct Routing.

Make it seamless for your people to make and receive phone calls from their computer with Microsoft Teams Voice. Credit: Adobe.

With Teams Voice, you and your customers can enjoy high-quality, reliable and secure phone calls, with all the added benefits of Teams and Microsoft 365. You can use advanced calling features from the same place you access your contacts, chats and files.

Why choose Microsoft Teams Voice and VoIP calling for your business?

  1. Use any device to make and receive voice calls. You can stay in touch with anyone who has your number, no matter where you are.
  2. Save money by switching to a cloud-based phone system. You can cut your phone costs by up to 50%, and you don’t have to pay any Microsoft set-up fees or wait for a lengthy installation process.
  3. Choose any network provider you want for Microsoft Teams Voice. You can get started right away without any complex or time-consuming set-up to a new provider.
  4. Access a range of calling features that suit your needs. You can use features like auto attendant, cloud voicemail, call queues, direct routing and audio conferencing to create a professional and efficient phone system.
  5. Enjoy secure, reliable and compliant voice calling. It’s hosted in the Microsoft 365 cloud, which offers high-level security, authentication, encryption, and redundancy. It also has a 99.9% uptime guarantee, backed by a service level agreement, and supports compliance recording and GDPR compliance. Please note that GDPR compliance is partly the user’s responsibility as well.
  6. Provide seamless customer service with Microsoft Teams Voice. Features like hunt groups, call queuing, hold music, call recording and contact centre integration ensure that your customers have a smooth experience when they call you.
  7. Make work calls on the go. You can use one number to make and receive calls from any device you use, whether it’s your laptop, mobile, or tablet.
  8. Manage your phone system from one place. Control all aspects of your phone system, including phone numbers, calling plans, voice routing, auto attendant and direct routing, from your Microsoft 365 admin console within Teams.
  9. Scale and adapt your phone system as you grow. It is fully cloud-based, so you can easily add or remove numbers, request new ones or keep your existing ones. You can also minimise disruption to your customers by porting your current numbers to Teams Voice.
  10. Introduce a unified solution for your business communication. It integrates with all your other Microsoft 365 apps, giving you a seamless environment for internal and external communication and collaboration.

Get access to a complete range of calling features by choosing Microsoft Teams Voice. Credit: Adobe.

Go further with a Microsoft Teams Voice services provider

At Advania, we’re experts in helping organisations get the most out of Microsoft 365 and Teams Voice – and as you can see, there are plenty of reasons why you should get started.

We can help you set up, configure and manage your Teams Voice solution, and provide ongoing support and guidance. Whether you want to upgrade your existing phone system or start from scratch, our voice consultancy services can help you find the best option for your needs and budget.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you transform your organisation’s calling system with Teams Voice.

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