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What’s new in M365? March 2024 Roadmap highlights

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Each month, our M365 PACE experts take a look at what’s on the cards for Microsoft 365 users. In this blog, we’re sharing our highlights from the new features coming to the Microsoft 365 Roadmap in March.

Microsoft Teams: New Copilot experience in chats

(Microsoft Roadmap ID 180201)

Users with a Copilot for Microsoft 365 licence will be able to use the artificial intelligence (AI) assistant from Teams chats, with the Copilot app being pinned above your chats.

Copilot for Microsoft 365 can be easily accessed from its own tab in your Microsoft Teams chats. Credit: Microsoft.

The improved version of the Copilot app offers additional benefits over the app formerly known as Microsoft 365 Chat:

  • Improved prompts with details relevant to you
  • View your Copilot Chat history
  • Access to a library of prompts via Copilot Lab

Microsoft Teams Phone: private line

(Microsoft Roadmap ID 181616)

Microsoft Teams Phone uses are soon going to be able to use a private second phone number available to allow a select set of callers to call them directly, bypassing delegates, admins or assistants.

Private line calls will support incoming calls only, and they will be distinguished by a unique notification and ringtone

Microsoft Viva Pulse: integration into Microsoft Copilot Dashboard from Viva Insights

(Microsoft Roadmap ID 380477)

An update to Microsoft Viva Pulse with allow leaders and IT admins to initiate Copilot impact surveys through Microsoft Viva Pulse, helping them to understand the return on investment of rolling out AI tools like Copilot across their organisation.

Part of the Viva Suite, Viva Pulse allows you to capture sentiment data that maps to work patterns data from Viva Insights to measure AI adoption.

SharePoint: custom document library templates

Microsoft is rolling out an update to SharePoint, allowing you to create custom document library templates. This update leverages the existing PowerShell-based tooling and methods for creating custom list templates.

Custom library templates can be created in Microsoft SharePoint. Credit: Microsoft.
As a Global Administrator or SharePoint Administrator, you can establish what your organisation needs, specific to your business.

Microsoft Clipchamp: auto-captioning

(Microsoft Roadmap ID 381128) For Clipchamp users, videos can be made more accessible or easy to follow while muted with the latest update bring auto-captioning to videos. You can easily generate real-time captions in one click using the auto-caption feature.
You can create auto-captions for your videos through Clipchamp. Credit: Microsoft.

Captions are generated using smart voice detection technology, providing a downloadable SRT file with captions automatically generated with no typing required. The transcript also creates an index of timestamps so you can navigate and edit videos faster. You can easily correct any mistakes in the auto-captions using the captions panel.

Copilot in Forms: create and customise forms

(Microsoft Roadmap ID 375324)

Microsoft is making it faster and easier to create and customise forms with Copilot in Forms, a new feature that lets you use natural language to describe your desired form. Copilot will then create a form that matches your description, allowing you to preview and edit as needed. You can also choose from various themes to elevate your form to make it more engaging for your audience.

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